At CLM we offer our customers a Mini-lease, ideal for those looking for a short term car lease without committing to three or four-year lease deals.

What is a Mini-lease short term car lease?

A Mini-lease is a business car lease that is shorter than a conventional company car lease, giving you the option to lease a vehicle from three to 12 months.

This allows for a short term car lease when you need an interim solution. And because these short term vehicle lease options are variable, this allows you to choose the exact period of time required for your vehicle hire.

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Why choose a Mini-lease?

We can organise a short term car lease quickly and simply – all via our online system. For a standard vehicle we offer a fast delivery time and you can view the status of your business car lease via your online account. This allows you to check in on the status of your hire vehicles, your current spend as well as help keeping track of your invoices.

This short term car lease solution bridges the gap between daily rental and long term rental options, providing you with a tailored rate with significant reductions. If you require a vehicle from 84 days to 12 months, this short term car lease option will provide you with a more cost effective solution than if you were to approach a daily rental firm, driving the cost efficiency of your company vehicles and helping you to effectively manage administration.

With businesses now requiring more flexible business car leasing options, CLM provides efficient leasing options for all customers. If you require daily vehicle rental for just a few days, we also offer that too through our short term hire product.

We firmly believe in adapting to our customers’ needs wherever possible.

Visit our dedicated Mini-lease site today. Our business car leasing can offer you an effective interim solution for your company’s mobility needs.