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Need the flexibility of temporary business vehicles?

Mini-lease: a short-term lease for between three and 12 months

At CLM, we offer our customers a business vehicle lease that is shorter than conventional car leasing, giving you the option to use a vehicle from three to 12 months.

This allows for a short-term car lease when you need an interim solution. And because these short-term vehicle lease options are variable, this allows you to choose the period of time required for your vehicle hire, giving you the flexibility you need.

Cost Effective

With highly competitive rates, Mini-lease is a very cost-effective solution for your short and medium term business vehicle needs.


Fast delivery with new vehicles chosen from stock. You use it and return it. No worries about expensive service or maintenance work.


Unlike daily rental where you pick a category, with Mini-lease you have a choice of vehicle type, manufacturer, mileage and even colour!

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Vehicle Options


small blue car

From £7.99 per day +VAT

Fiat 500
Honda Jazz
Mini Cooper


Medium Car Blue

From £9.29 per day +VAT

Citroen C3
VW Golf
Mercedes A Class


Prestige Car Blue

From £13.56 per day +VAT

Volvo S60
BMW 4 Series
Citroen Grand C4


Estate Car Blue

From £13.19 per day +VAT

KIA CEED Sportswagon
VW Passatt
Volvo V90


SUV blue

From £13.19 per day +VAT

Peugeot 3008
VW Tiguan


Van blue

From £10.78 per day +VAT

Ford Transit
VW Transporter
VW Crafter

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Why choose a Mini-lease?

We can organise a short term car lease quickly and simply – all via our online system. For a standard vehicle, we offer a fast delivery time and you can view the status of your business car lease via your online account. This allows you to get an overview of your hire vehicles, your current spend as well as help keeping track of your invoices.

This short term car lease solution bridges the gap between daily rental and long term rental options, providing you with a flexible solution which can be extremely cost effective. If you require a vehicle from three to 12 months, Mini-lease will provide you with a lower cost solution than if you were to use standard daily rental. Our rental team is also able to help with any specific requests, if you have any particular requirements.

With many organisations now requiring more flexible vehicle provision options, CLM provides efficient solutions for all customers. If you require daily vehicle rental for just a few days, we also offer that too through our short term hire product.

We firmly believe in adapting to our customers’ needs wherever possible.

How does Mini-lease work?

With Mini-lease, you have a choice of lease length, from three months up to 12 months, giving you flexibility and the ability to match the rental period to suit your requirements.

Brand New Vehicle

A new car will usually be delivered within 14 days; the rental deals are selected based upon vehicles available from stock.

Zero Deposit

With Mini-lease there is no requirement for up front payments or deposits. Just a clear and known price for the time you need the vehicle.

Great Rates

We know our pricing is keen and Mini-lease is a very cost effective solution. It can even work out cheaper than contract hire, with added flexibility!

We can organise a short term car lease quickly and simply – all via our online system. For a standard vehicle we offer a fast delivery time and you can view the status of your business car lease via your online account. This allows you to check in on the status of your hire vehicles and your current spend, as well as helping to keep track of your invoices.

The Many Uses Of Mini-lease

Check out just a few of the reasons why our customers choose Mini-lease:

  • Providing new employees with a temporary car – useful when staff are on a probationary period but need to be on the road, acting as a fill-in until they qualify for a company car.
  • Resolving temporary vehicle requirements – suitable when workers are involved in short-term contracts.
  • Bridging the gap between a company car and daily rental – providing the ideal solution for resolving interim mobility issues.
  • Avoiding being tied into a long lease – when several years is too much, Mini-lease provides vehicles for just a few months. This allows employees to be fully assessed before committing to a longer period.

If you are looking for flexibility over a short-term then contact our rental team. Once you get in touch we will organise the leasing of a vehicle for you, simply, quickly and conveniently.

It’s all done online via our rental system which will show you the status of your business car lease at any time. You will be able to check on the status of your chosen car, how much you are spending and also track invoices.

White car

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Case Study:
Mini-lease Helps Business Expansion

As a major manufacturer and retailer of consumer goods, our client employs over 6,000 people at sites across the UK and Europe. Large-scale expansion activity demanded the rapid recruitment of a large number of additional staff, all requiring company vehicles to ensure they were fully mobile from day one.

Their Issues

With delivery times for permanent vehicles running into several months, the business needed a fast and flexible solution that would plug the gap between start and delivery dates.

In an organisation of this size, employee benefit policies that ensure equitable treatment of staff carrying out the same role are vital. This meant vehicles of the same perceived status and value would be required for all of the new employees. Cost would also be a significant factor, with a large number of vehicles being required for an extended period of time.

For these reasons, short-term hire simply wasn’t a viable option. A solution was required that could provide access to a large number of very similar vehicles, for an extended but flexible period time, at a cost significantly lower than that on offer from the daily rental market.

Our Solution

CLM’s Mini-lease provided the ideal solution. With our own extensive fleet of vehicles, plus access to all of the major rental providers in the UK, we were able to source cars to allocate to all of the new members of staff that were appropriate to their position, following the organisation’s car benefit policy and keeping them mobile while waiting for their permanent vehicles to be delivered.

As the drivers were able to keep the same vehicle right up until their car delivery dates, there were no productivity losses or inconvenience through downtime for multiple vehicle swaps and P11D reporting was simplified.

All of these benefits were delivered with an overall cost saving to the client of £5,500 against daily rental quotes.

NB The client’s name has not been published but details are available on request.

Fast response

Right vehicle, right time

Driver friendly

Saved £5,500

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Read more examples of how we’ve helped keep clients mobile

Mini-lease Case Study: Overcoming Supply Issues

Drivers were able to select vehicles already aligned with the new fleet policy, as they waited for their new cars to be delivered. The WLTP impact meant that highly flexible arrangements were necessary, extending some rental contracts by as much as four months at the same rental cost.

Mini-lease Case Study: Creating the Right Brand Image

A new project involved placing promotional teams across the country to create brand awareness, train staff and showcase the product to customers. In order to achieve the necessary staff mobility, there was a requirement for 70 vehicles for a 30 day period. These vehicles needed to be delivered to two locations, Manchester and London.

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