August 28, 2015

Effective vehicle reallocation cuts costs

The effective reallocation of company vehicles when employees leave the business can reduce funding and rental costs, remove the threat of early termination charges and improve vehicle utilisation.

CLM are experts in reallocating vehicles quickly and efficiently for our customers when cars become available due to staff leaving, redundancy, or company reorganisation.

To that end, the company has operated a reallocation and storage centre at Wharley End, near Cranfield, Bedfordshire, for several years for its fleet customers to ensure that surplus vehicles do not suffer early termination or end of contract costs needlessly.

And it has just embarked on an upgrading process to the onsite infrastructure, which will include the addition of a new customer area so that site visitors can be entertained or wait whilst their vehicles are being assessed or repaired.

The Wharley End reallocation centre has the capacity to store up to 300 vehicles at any one time and has onsite capabilities for vehicle inspections, PDI and smart repair.

Full inspection facilities include the use of digital cameras so that images from vehicles that require rectification work can be sent via e-mail to clients for authorisation, while safety checks are also carried out on all vehicles, with particular attention paid to the condition of tyres and glass.

There are eight full-time staff onsite to ensure that the full spectrum of work can be managed, from basic checks at one end of the scale up to refurbishing vehicles to near-showroom condition at the other.

Wherever possible, smart repair techniques are used on vehicles that require remedial work. Smart repair techniques can not only ensure that vehicles are reallocated in the best possible condition, they can also be used to reduce the amount of time vehicles spend off the road during their working lives.

car inspection

Smart repair techniques have advanced considerably in recent years and ensure that vehicles can be brought back to near-showroom condition before they are reallocated, and the reallocation centre has the wherewithal to carry out or arrange and manage most repair situations.

In CLM’s experience, when company vehicles are freed up when employees leave and there is no immediate replacement, they can lay unused for days, sometimes weeks, before they are re-allocated to another employee.

However, under duty of care guidance, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that any vehicle is fit for purpose, so it is not acceptable to simply valet a car and hand it over to the next driver.

Before any vehicle is reallocated, it must be assessed for roadworthiness, with any accident damage repaired and essential servicing work undertaken to ensure it is in perfect working order. Otherwise in the event of an accident, the company could find itself liable for supplying a defective piece of equipment to its employee.

car windscreen repairs

In many cases, fleet vehicles are well looked after. However, cosmetic damage such as stone chips, scuffs and scrapes can be minimised through regular vehicle inspections, maintenance and even polishing of the vehicle. CLM carries out regular vehicle inspections for clients with both owned and leased fleets.

All work is recorded online and clients have the ability to actively monitor the work and progress of their vehicles via CLM’s FleetActive web portal.

The reallocation module has several different levels of functionality and, through a highly visual dashboard, shows which vehicles are due in, any work-in-progress, when the work is completed and when the vehicle is ready to go out and be allocated to another driver.

The system flags up when the work is completed and the vehicle has been delivered to the nominated driver. Customer satisfaction surveys on behalf of each client are carried out with drivers on delivery to ensure that they are happy with the hand-over process and the condition of the vehicle they are receiving.

The CLM reallocation operation ensures that vehicles are recycled to staff as quickly and efficiently as possible and in good working condition. Reallocated vehicles are delivered to locations right around the country, often using CLM’s own team of drivers. By placing these surplus vehicles back into the fleet more quickly, savings on short term hire costs can be made that might otherwise have been incurred.

If you would like to discuss how CLM can help you with more efficient vehicle reallocation, then please get in touch.