We have years of industry experience in vehicle logistics, pool car management, and reallocation.

Do you have unallocated vehicles taking up valuable space? If so, our vehicle storage and logistics service ensures that your vehicles are maintained and kept clean at our secure site, ready for reallocation and movement. This ensures a positive experience for the next driver.

Fleet Management

Safe, Clean Vehicles
Our vehicle logistics team make sure your vehicles are safe to drive and expertly cleaned inside and out to fulfill your duty of care to your drivers.

Nationwide Logistics
We deliver the right vehicle to the right driver anywhere in the country. We can also collect and store your vehicles, keeping them in running order while in storage.

Money Saving
We can provide a thorough end-of-contract inspection to ensure fair contract hire company recharges. We will sort out any discrepancies on your behalf.

Why use our vehicle logistics services?

We have an expert team able to help you. Here’s how:

  • Reduce costs: Our vehicle logistics team simplify vehicle movement, storage, and reallocation to keep your short-term rental, funding, and early termination costs down.
  • Easy pricing: Vehicle movements are charged based on mileage – we always aim to offer the most cost-effective option.

  • We keep your drivers happy and safe: We make sure your reallocated vehicles are clean and safe – inside, outside, and under the bonnet. Additionally, our rigorous vehicle checking, repair, fleet maintenance, and valeting service keeps your duty of care in check.

  • End-of-contract: Our end-of-contract inspection is an additional check to ensure that contract hire companies vehicle appraisals are accurate and recharges are fair. Any discrepancies are queried and managed through to resolution by our team of experts. This is a proven approach which has demonstrated real cost savings for our customers.

  • Nationwide vehicle logistics: We collect, store, and redeliver vehicles anywhere in the UK. We get the right vehicle to the right driver, at the right place, at the right time.

  • Easily match driver and vehicle requirements: Get the most out of your fleet by using our vehicle logistics database to ensure an appropriate car or van is allocated to each employee.

  • Secure vehicle storage: We offer vehicle storage across three conveniently located sites. Vehicles are regularly monitored to ensure they are fit for purpose when required.

  • Complete vehicle reallocation service: From vehicle collection to servicing and delivery, we take care of every stage of the reallocation process. This includes efficient collection of returned or unused vehicles, condition appraisals, lubricant and tyre checks, servicing and MOT, bodywork repairs, and valeting.

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