December 20, 2021

Travelling to see family this Christmas? Here’s how you can get more out of your EV battery…

We’ve seen a change in the preferred company car choice this year and with electric vehicles at the top of the agenda for many positive reasons from; reducing carbon footprint and tax savings, it appears there is one slight issue when driving electric and it is the fear or running out of charge!

Many of our fleet customers have raised this concern to us and with the Christmas holidays upon us, we want you to travel far and wide with ease of mind, optimal battery efficiency and knowledge of nearby charging points that are in good working order.

Most EV models today have a range over and above the average fleet driver’s needs, however if you feel that you are running low on battery life, you should never be too far away from the next charge.

Plus, thanks to Zap Map you can check the nearest charging point here: Map of charging points for electric car drivers in UK: Zap-Map

You can also find the best and worst charging points in your area here:

We wouldn’t want you to arrive at your charging point to see an Ice car parked there or even worse, a charging point that doesn’t work!

Once you have charged your electric vehicles battery, there are ways to make the battery life last longer…

Here are 3 tips to managing your charge efficiency:

  1. Check the weather forecast

As always, before you set off on your journey please check the weather forecast. Much like traditional car engines, electric engines can be affected by climate conditions.

Batteries use more energy in the cold weather as you’ll need battery power to warm up the car. Whilst this shouldn’t affect your electric car performing well, you might notice a range reduction when it’s extremely cold.

To get more out of your EV battery in extremely cold conditions this winter, try running your vehicle for a short amount of time before starting your journey and opt for heated seats to warm passengers as it’s more efficient than trying to warm the whole inside of the car.

  1. Think of an EV battery like a phone battery

There are certain things we can do to prolong a phone battery, and the same applies to an EV battery.

Although EV batteries are a far more advanced technology, you should not let it run below 20% or above 80% charge. Resist the urge to charge it to 100%, unless you are heading on a long trip.

  1. Use Google Maps

Most electric cars have built-in navigation that will tell you if you can reach your destination with your current state of charge.

If you are going on a long drive, check ahead for alternative routes because driving at a high speed for a long duration can use a larger amount of energy, which will require you to charge more frequently.

Take slower roads where possible to reduce the amount of battery used.

Looking after an EV is slightly different to a petrol or diesel car, so we hope these 3 tips help you.

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