Smartpanel funding

Smartpanel Funding

The smarter (and cheaper) way to source your company vehicles

Want to save up to £870 per vehicle?

Want to get the best contract hire rate for every one of your vehicles? Concerned about price creep with your current provider? Consider Smartpanel Funding.
Smartpanel Funding is the smarter (and cheaper) way to source your company vehicles. Intelligent and proactive, Smartpanel invites a panel of contract hire companies to quote for each new vehicle you add to your fleet. This creates competition between our suppliers. Which means they only provide us with the best prices. Then we select the best one for you.

At CLM Fleet Management, we’ve been providing Smartpanel Funding to our clients for nearly 30 years. On average, we save you £870 per vehicle over a typical three-year contract.

With even a modest-sized fleet, you’re talking savings that run into tens of thousands of pounds. And because we look after the whole process on your behalf, you save time and resources that would otherwise go into searching the market yourself.

Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself. We think you’ll find that Smartpanel Funding from CLM Fleet Management is the smarter way to a better fleet.

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Smartpanel Funding: The smarter way to a better fleet

Smartpanel Funding is one of our flagship services. It’s one of the main ways by which we save our clients a considerable amount of money on acquiring their new company cars.

Save money

Our tried and tested system helps you save significant amounts of money when compared to sole supply.

Leave the work to us

You get the cost-saving benefits of comparing multiple leasing companies, with the ease of working with a single provider.

Put a Stop to Rate Creep

Control contract hire rates creeping up once the initial supplier selection phase has passed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why contract hire?

A. Contract hire has become the most popular form of vehicle funding in the UK, as it provides companies with known budgeted monthly costs for their vehicles. There is no risk involved on disposal as the vehicles are returned to the contract hire company at the end of the contract, and they take any risk on the selling the used vehicle. However, while contract hire is an excellent option, working with one supplier doesn’t always guarantee the most competitive prices for the vehicles in question.

Q. Why do vehicle leasing rates vary?

A. Contract hire companies often have differing views on the same vehicle. They may think that it is more expensive to run over a typical three year contract, or that it will not sell very well on the used car market after the contract – or at least not as well as one of their competitors thinks it will.

This leads to differing monthly rentals being quoted by different contract hire companies for the same vehicles, often with surprisingly wide variations in rates – which means that it pays to shop around for the best prices.

However, this simply isn’t possible if all your eggs are in one contract hirer’s basket. And it also leaves you open to price increases from your supplier over time – increases that you hadn’t anticipated when signing the contract. It’s a practice we call “price creep,” and it’s been going on for years – but we have a solution that quickly puts a stop to it.

This is where SmartPanel Funding comes in

Shopping around for the best prices for vehicles in your fleet is a time-consuming process that requires staff time and creates a whole load of hassle.

But with Smartpanel Funding, we take away the hassle of finding the best prices on the market. We give you access to a panel of preferred contract hire providers, chosen for their cost-competitive rates and excellent customer service.

We oversee and manage the whole process, employing a micro tendering process for each new vehicle, thereby creating competition between the panel members and leading to the lowest possible rentals for our clients.

With Smartpanel Funding, we typically work with three or four contract hire providers for each client – but you can use your existing contract hire provider as part of the panel if you prefer.

Our panel of contract hire suppliers provides their most competitive quote for each new car, and we then select the best price on your behalf from those prices provided.

This way, we ensure that you benefit from the best possible monthly contract hire rates available, thus keeping your acquisition costs down and ensuring that your fleet is efficient in terms of running costs.

This is a service that we specialise in. We have been doing it successfully on our clients’ behalf for nearly 30 years – so they benefit from our long experience. It’s a mature and reliable model that we know saves you money.

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How Does Smartpanel Work?

Many organisations use contract hire to acquire their vehicles, and a surprising number still rely on just a single supplier. But because we are not a contract hire company, we are free to shop around and use whichever suppliers we choose.

You get:

  • Savings of around £870 per vehicle
  • Competitive tendering for each new vehicle
  • A panel of funders – not just one
  • Competition created between panel members
  • Attractive rates for each new vehicle provided
  • Only the most attractive prices
  • Lowest acquisition costs as possible
  • Hassle-free procurement (no need to shop around for the best quotes)
  • A helping hand—we handle the whole competitive tendering process and all the associated administration

How we choose our panel of funders

With a panel of suppliers, each tendering for your business, they know they need to be competitive. We give regular feedback to unsuccessful suppliers so that they see why they didn’t win the contract, and what they can do to be competitive next time.

Not only that, but we use quarterly benchmarking and regular appraisals to ensure that our panel members continue to offer best value. Any supplier that fails to meet our requirements is replaced with one that is more competitive.

We act as your vendor manager

We act as your vendor manager, handling every aspect of the competitive tendering process right through to the delivery of your new vehicles. We take all the administrative hassle away from you and ensure that you concentrate on core activities without having to worry that your vehicles are cost competitive. By using SmartPanel Funding in this way, you need only one point of contact for your vehicle needs – rather than several.

That’s why SmartPanel Funding is the smarter way to source your new company vehicles.

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