CLM Smartpanel Fleet Funding

clm smartpanel funding

 Our clients have saved, on average, £870 per vehicle contract!


When you choose CLM for your fleet leasing services you’ll save more than just money. You’ll also save time and hassle.

That’s because our Smartpanel fleet funding system means you get the most competitive price for every vehicle. Every time.

First things first

We’re not your average contract hire company. In fact, we’re not a contract hire company at all. That’s good news for you.

We’re fleet management specialists, boasting a finely tuned fleet vehicle leasing service that’s been polished and perfected to save you money and eliminate hassle.

It goes without saying that we offer all the services you’d expect from a typical contract hire or fleet leasing company.


  • Access to fleet vehicles in a cash-flow friendly way
  • Outsourced management of all aspects of vehicle admin – tax, insurance, licensing and fuel cards
  • No vehicle ownership, so no risk of fluctuations in value, or the burden of selling vehicles at the end of the contract
  • Save an average of £870 per vehicle contract

But there’s more

Because we’re not a vehicle leasing company, when you ask us to quote on a new vehicle, we’re not constrained to just one price. We’ve got freedom to shop around and find the best deal for you on the day.

Smartpanel fleet funding is how we do just that.

How Smartpanel fleet funding saves you money and time

Typically, when you ask a fleet contract hire company for a quote, you’ll only ever get one. Theirs. They won’t shop around for you. Of course, you can do that, but it will cost you time, manpower and create a whole load of hassle.

With Smartpanel, our vehicle funding service gives you the best price on every fleet vehicle. Every time. We go to a panel of up to ten different contract hire companies to get the best, unbiased pricing for you. We then work with the most competitive quote providers to source the best all-round solution for your fleet procurement needs. You are free to include or exclude any contract hire providers if you have any particular preferences.

It means you get the administrative and financial benefit of only using one supplier, but the peace of mind of knowing that you are saving money.

How the Smartpanel fleet funding system works

smart panel example

Reasons to use CLM for your vehicle funding

It’s not just your drivers we look after, we like to keep your budget and inbox happy too.

We’ll save you money

When it comes to keeping vehicle funding costs down, your finances will look even healthier with an average saving of £830 per vehicle contract.

Single supplier

Cut hassle and save money by letting us do the leg work. We’ll take care of cost comparisons, shopping around to keep your vehicle funding solutions low. Plus, you get a complete vehicle fleet management service, tailored to suit your requirements. All from one provider.

We never use standard rate books

They’re far too rigid. And we don’t do rigid. By tendering every vehicle to a panel of suppliers, our Smartpanel fleet funding system drives competitiveness, keeping prices down, so you’ll always save money.

No price creep

We know that cost creep to fleet car finances is a challenge your budget could do without. We also know that many suppliers will produce super keen but unsustainable pricing when competing to win your business, but will try to increase margins over time.

That’s the beauty of our Smartpanel fleet funding model – it keeps fleet vehicle leasing companies in a competitive situation – and your costs down!

We keep our suppliers on their toes

We’ve built great relationships with our suppliers, but there’s no room for complacency. With a panel of suppliers each tendering for business, they know they need to be really competitive. We give regular feedback so that unsuccessful suppliers can see why they didn’t win the contract, and what they can do to be more competitive next time. Not only that, but quarterly benchmarking and regular appraisals ensure they continue to offer best value. Any supplier that fails to meet our requirements is replaced with one that is more competitive.

We’ll always have the right vehicle available

We work with a range of suppliers, from big to small, to specialist, so we’ll always be able to find the right vehicle at the right price. From mid-range cars, to premium saloons, vans, trucks, electric or hybrid, whatever your fleet requirements, we’ll keep your drivers happy.

We know what we’re doing

We’ve been perfecting Smartpanel fleet funding since the 1980s. It’s a mature and reliable model that we know can save you money.

Our friendly team goes the extra mile to look after your team of drivers.

And that’s not all…

We’re driven by simplicity, so we’ve cut the clutter and axed the admin.

One named point of contact

So you’ll always know who to talk to – no more chasing names and numbers.

One service or all

Pick and choose which of our full range of services you need for a bespoke fleet management solution. If you require any help, we’re on hand to advise on exactly what you need and the best solution for your fleet.

It’s clear and simple. CLM’s Smartpanel fleet funding system saves you money and time – and gives you peace of mind. Think smarter.

Contact us today to chat about your vehicle fleet leasing requirements and find out how much you could save.