November 27, 2018

Short Term Vehicle Rental

Short Term Vehicle Hire

Could it work for your business?

Businesses of all sizes often require extra vehicles to meet a range of short term needs. Short term vehicle hire can be the perfect answer as it provides access to a wide range of brand new vehicles at competitive rates, without long-term commitments or upfront investment.

Why do businesses need additional vehicles?

Businesses may have short-term vehicle needs for a variety of different reasons:

  • When new starters join the company and are not eligible to receive a company car immediately, perhaps because they are undergoing a probationary period
  • If the company is awarded a special, short-term project which requires additional staffing and mobility levels, for example. That means more staff for a short space of time with the need for mobility.
  • For employees who don’t qualify for a company car but who need to make a trip to see a client or other business-related reason.
  • Due to an unforeseen incident or accident, one of the business’s regular drivers is left suddenly without a vehicle and has no other means of meeting the company’s commitments.
  • Higher mileage vehicles are becoming too expensive to run, and it is more economical to dispose of that vehicle and use a short term vehicle hire arrangement to fill the gap whilst awaiting a permanent replacement.

In all these circumstances and others, short term vehicle rental offers a flexible, easy to use business solution without requiring a long term commitment from the business or a significant outlay of capital upfront.

Benefits of short term vehicle hire

Fast service

With short term vehicle hire, new cars can be delivered quickly whenever and wherever the business needs them – to any location, be that office, home or remote location.

Taking our corporate rental arm as an example, we can deliver new vehicles, cars or vans, 24/7 and 365 days a year to the address of choice usually within two hours for cars or four hours for vans.

Touch-of-a-button management

At the same time, the best short term car hire suppliers provide access to an easy to use online rental management system which provides total flexibility in making or amending rental bookings.

At CLM, our online system allows our rental customers to book, amend and monitor their short term business car hire. This state-of the art system allows rental bookings to be made in seconds, and also allows businesses to extend and cancel vehicle rentals, monitor existing rentals and access a comprehensive range of management reporting and invoicing.

Huge choice

Short term vehicle hire can also provide access to the very latest models on the market, so that selecting the right one to meet your immediate business needs is very straightforward.

At CLM, we have a huge pool of available vehicles to draw from, including some 400 on our own business rental fleet.

This is supplemented with comprehensive national coverage through a network of trusted car rental suppliers. These include established companies such as Thrifty, Enterprise and National, giving access to over 1,500 outlets and 150,000 vehicles across the UK.

That means an available vehicle can be quickly sourced from stock to ensure the fastest, most efficient collection or delivery possible – often in as little as 30 minutes!


When you’re not sure how long your short term vehicle hire period needs to be, from 1-28 days, or if your business car rental needs to be changed mid-hire, you can simply adjust the rental without penalty.

Why online systems?

Online reports and invoices make it easy for business users to monitor usage and keep control of their finances. Using an online rental management system it’s easy to consolidate data from multiple fleet car hire providers and run reports including P11D, total spend, fuel spend, damage spend, and driver details.

At the same time, an online rental booking system for business car hire reduces the administration involved and provides a host of benefits.

This ideal system allows online invoices to be generated and e-mailed directly or saved on the system. Management information reports can be generated at the click of a button, with the facility to resolve disputed invoices instantly, plus consolidated invoices for all hires, all instantly available online.

A completely paper-free solution, using an online rental booking system. You can avoid incurring unnecessary admin and rental booking costs and have a clear view of total rental bookings – all at the press of a button.

Mini-leases offer an alternative

For businesses that have a rather longer need for temporary vehicles than the standard 28 day term for short term vehicle hire, a solution called a Mini-lease provides vehicle rental for three, six or 12 month periods.

Mini-leases are substantially shorter than a conventional company car lease and are supplied without any form of penalty for altering the length of the period regardless of the reason. They provide the perfect answer to a company’s interim mobility needs.

Tackling the grey fleet issue

Many companies still allow their employees to use their own cars on company business and reclaim a mileage allowance – a situation widely termed as ‘the grey fleet’.

However, these vehicles may not always have been serviced regularly or they may be in generally poor condition. In many instances, drivers will only have social, domestic and pleasure insurance rather than the necessary cover for business use.

If anything were to happen, such as a serious accident for example, while on company business, it would be the company and not the driver that would be liable.

Vehicles provided via business car hire, on the other hand, have regular servicing and maintenance in line with manufacturer recommendations. They are also cleaner and emit less pollution, and the likelihood of an accident through malfunction is far less likely.

This provides a business with peace of mind as it not only reduces its corporate risk, but also reduces the risk to its employees who are likely to be in safer, better maintained vehicles as a result. 

Contact us if you would like more detail on the ways that short term vehicle rental could work for your business.