November 24, 2022

Concerned about price increases? Save money when sourcing company vehicles

The current UK economic crisis is causing concern for most businesses, and with the price creep in current leasing providers, we wanted to bring your attention to CLM Fleet Management Panel Funding service to save your business time and money.


What is Panel Funding?

Panel Funding is the smarter and cheaper way to source your company vehicles.

CLM invites a panel of contract hire companies to quote for each new vehicle you add to your fleet. This creates competition between our suppliers, which means they only provide us with the best prices. We then select the best one for you.

How much can our business save with CLM Fleet Management Panel Funding?

CLM Fleet Management has been providing Panel Funding to our clients for nearly 30 years. On average, we save you £870 per vehicle over a typical three-year contract.

With even a modest-sized fleet, you’re talking savings that run into tens of thousands of pounds.

And because we look after the whole process on your behalf, you save time and resources that would otherwise go into searching the market yourself.

If you would like to save a considerable amount of money on acquiring your new company cars, speak with CLM about Panel Funding today.

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