Choose an employee benefit that helps you go green

We’re on a mission to make electric, plug-in and hybrid vehicles more accessible to the UK workforce with our salary sacrifice scheme, Lifestyle Car Choice.

It’s easy to set up, simple to run, and involves little administration.

  • Wide range of electric and ultra low emission vehicles available.

  • Savings for your employees, and your business.
  • Support with installing home charging points

Salary Sacrifice Scheme

What is a salary sacrifice scheme?

A car salary sacrifice scheme enables your employees to exchange part of their pre-tax salary for a brand new car. As a result, they can make savings on income tax and NI.

Shrink Carbon Footprint

Our scheme can help your business reduce emissions and meet sustainability goals.

Enhance Employee Benefits

Attract and retain talent with a car benefit scheme that guarantees choice and value.

Reduce Business Costs

Salary sacrifice is mutually beneficial, as both the employee and employer save.

Employee Car Salary Sacrifice

Lifestyle Car Choice is the salary sacrifice scheme which helps your business go green.

Give your employees an attractive, affordable way to drive a vehicle of their choice while shrinking your carbon footprint and reducing costs.

We’re here to help your fleet go green

Contact us today for an impartial consultation on your company vehicle and salary sacrifice options.