CLM Fleet Risk Management

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Safe fleet, safe drivers, save costs

We’ll give you peace of mind

Keep your fleet in check, your drivers safe and your duty of care fulfilled with CLM’s Risk Management services.

Our complete risk management system provides you with preventative plans and reactive strategies that keep your organisation’s reputation safe. Fleet audits, driver training and grey fleet safety checks all help improve safety, reduce accident rates and drive down insurance costs.

Whether your drivers use company or privately owned (grey fleet) vehicles, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) makes it clear that the duty of care is never in doubt. All vehicles (workplaces for the purpose of legislation) must be safe. Failure to comply could have serious consequences – charges of unlawful killing and corporate manslaughter show just how seriously the HSE takes it. That’s why we don’t take any risk management strategies lightly.

We’ll help you comply with your legal obligations by assessing your business and driver risk profiles and building a bespoke package of risk management services to keep your drivers safe and your vehicles fit for purpose.

Reasons to use CLM Risk Management services

We know the importance of risk management. With our dedicated team, you’ll get more than our risk management expertise, cutting edge technology and years of experience. Peace of mind comes as standard.

  • Bespoke training to reduce driver risk

We’ll build bespoke training solutions (online, on-road and group workshops) to meet specific driver needs. Data from attitudinal surveys and road knowledge, as well as driver history and telematics all help us build individual risk profiles and identify drivers presenting the greatest risk and/or the greatest opportunity for improvement.

  • Monitor fleet risk online

To help you nip potentially problematic fleet risk issues in the bud, we’ll help you assess your fleet (company vehicles and grey fleet) for compliance against legislation. Our comprehensive database of vehicle maintenance and driver accidents helps us spot potential issues (and identify solutions) before they become a problem.

  • Reduce insurance premiums

Improved driver behaviour (through personalised training) and safe vehicles help reduce the risk of accidents and drive down insurance costs.

  • Reduce driver downtime

Fewer accidents means reduced driver downtime, which means less wasted costs and a more productive workforce.

  • Keep track of your fleet

Our easy to use web portal helps you track and monitor each and every vehicle and driver – including those within the grey fleet.

  • Easy admin for grey fleet management

Check for MOT compliance, make sure own-vehicle drivers have appropriate insurance cover, and easily identify no licence, provisional and automatic drivers, foreign licences, incorrect numbers and medical restrictions. All with our easy to use online database.

  • Safety support for your drivers

We’ll send your drivers an annual maintenance and safety check email – a simple reminder to make sure their vehicle is compliant. And, to make sure we keep track of vehicle details, mileage and service information, a short and simple questionnaire asks everything we need to know. We’ll send reminders to those we don’t hear from and let you know if we’re ignored.

  • Easy pricing

Driver licence checks are charged per driver. Insurance, MOT, maintenance & safety check declarations are charged per driver per year.

Think control. Think smarter.

Contact us today to chat about your fleet risk management needs and find out how we can help keep your fleet safe.