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Video: Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Alternative fuel vehicles are growing in the UK with a lot of interest in electric and hybrid cars.

Find out more about the different types and what drivers think about these vehicles in this quick video.


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Fleet Management. How selecting the right partner can lighten the load

What’s Involved in Fleet Management?

The typical fleet to-do list can span a wide range of activities.

In this guide we look at how a trusted partner can lessen the load for those with responsibility for running a fleet of vehicles.

fleet policy guide cover

Fleet Policy Guide

Download this comprehensive guide to fleet policy.

We’ve taken CLM’s experience and packed it into a 48-page practical guide on how to build a fleet policy.

CLM Smart Exchange mobile app

Introducing Smart Exchange

Watch this short video introducing the Smart Exchange mobile driver app available to CLM customers.


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AFV space guide

Alternative Fuel Vehicles – Part 1

Alternative fuel vehicles are big news and it’s clear that a growing numbers are making the switch to cleaner forms of transport.

If you are considering how AFVs could work for your business this guide will give you
a great starting point.

tyre safety guide

Tyre Safety Guide

Tyre safety is an important part of car maintenance and one that’s often overlooked.

Basic checks can make a crucial difference in how a car performs, make the car safer and save money.

CLM Fleet Management Center Parcs Case Study

Case Study | Center Parcs

Read about how CLM has helped Center Parcs improve its ongoing fleet strategy and provided a complete package of vehicle management services.


vehicle funding options

Vehicle Funding Guide

There are a variety of vehicle funding options, each of which has its features and benefits depending on an organisation’s requirements.

This guide takes you through the options and the pros and cons of each.

Fair Wear and Tear Guide

CLM’s version of the industry accepted guide to fair wear and tear.

Created by the BVRLA to provide an agreed industry standard for the acceptable condition of a vehicle at the end of a finance agreement.