Eco Driving Tips

Video: Eco Driving Tips

How to reduce emissions and save money with a few simple changes to make your travel more environmentally friendly.

Watch this short video for some useful hints and tips.


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adblue guide

Guide to AdBlue

With most new diesel cars now featuring AdBlue, we’ve produced this handy guide to answer the most common questions that we get about the technology.

CLM Smart Exchange mobile app

Introducing Smart Exchange

Watch this short video introducing the Smart Exchange mobile driver app available to CLM customers.


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Drink Driving Guide

Guide to Drink Driving

In this guide we attempt to give drivers the key facts and pragmatic advice on the risks and penalties faced drink or drug-related driving.

Free PDF download available to share with drivers and employees.



Video: WLTP An Overview

An overview for company car drivers of WLTP: What it is? What it means? How will individuals be affected?

Find out more in this short video from CLM Fleet Management

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CLM Guide to Drivers' Responsibilities

Guide to Drivers’ Responsibilities

Company car drivers have a number of responsibilities, covering regulatory, compliance and operational requirements.

In this guide, we look at some of these elements and highlight those we feel that drivers should be most aware of.

Don't drive tired driver guide

Don’t Drive Tired!

Driver fatigue is a serious problem and results in thousands of road accidents each year.

This guide contains tips and advice to ensure you don’t endanger lives by driving tired.

tyre safety guide

Tyre Safety Guide

Tyre safety is an important part of car maintenance and one that’s often overlooked.

Basic checks can make a crucial difference in how a car performs, make the car safer and save money.

Efficient driving tips

Efficient Driving Tips

Fuel consumption is largely based on the car you drive. However, there are steps you can take to improve efficiency.

This guide shares preventative techniques and measures to ensure that fuel isn’t being used excessively.