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Video: Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Alternative fuel vehicles are growing in the UK with a lot of interest in electric and hybrid cars.

Find out more about the different types and what drivers think about these vehicles in this quick video.


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Alternative Fuel Vehicles Research Report

This report brings together key findings from the responses of over 500 individuals and is essential reading for anyone making decisions about AFVs as part of their fleet strategy.

Getting the most out of AFV

A Guide to Driving Alternative Fuel Vehicles

While those new to AFVs will need to adapt their driving style to get the best out of their new vehicle, they’re also likely to have some new technology to get to grips with.

In this guide, we’ll look first at how operating an AFV can differ to driving a conventional vehicle and then look at some of the emerging technologies.

The future of driving - AFV Guide

Alternative Fuel Vehicles – Part 2

In the second in our series on Alternative Fuel Vehicles, we address driver awareness, the challenges and practicalities of introducing new drivetrains/fuels and the fleet policy decisions that need to be considered to encourage and incentivise take up of these vehicles.


AFV space guide

Alternative Fuel Vehicles – Part 1

Alternative fuel vehicles are big news and it’s clear that a growing numbers are making the switch to cleaner forms of transport.

If you are considering how AFVs could work for your business this guide will give you
a great starting point.