Whilst cars and standard vans make up the majority of the vehicles we supply, we regularly arrange hires for more specialised commercial vehicles, drop-sides, tippers, multi seat minibuses etc.

Sometimes our clients need an extra, or a replacement, vehicle that is out of the ordinary. You know, the kind of vehicle that you just can’t expect your local hire supplier to be able to provide.

We have been tasked with finding exclusive vehicles for travelling dignitaries, commercial vehicles with specialist equipment like cranes and materials handling equipment, ice cream vans, taxis, cherry pickers, dumper trucks, mobile welfare units and even private ambulances. We like a challenge and because of our wide network of supply partners, we usually come up trumps – all we ask is that you give us a bit more notice for something “unusual”.

Benefits of specialist vehicle hire through CLM

Whilst hiring cars and basic vans is relatively easy, finding a more specialist vehicle when you need one, or when you need one quickly, is much more demanding. If you don’t have the contacts, or you don’t have the time, CLM will do the leg work to find one for you:

  • We have multiple suppliers that we can approach with your requirement

  • The prices we pay are based upon our established relationships and order volumes – you get the benefit or our buying power

  • Our online booking system can be used once a tariff has been agreed for a vehicle type, meaning that next time you need one, the process is faster

  • Generous mileage allowances

  • Easy to extend hires if necessary

  • Delivery and collection arranged

How to book your specialist vehicle rental through CLM

Booking with CLM is easy, call us with your requirements and we’ll start the process of engagement with our suppliers. Once we have located a suitable vehicle, we’ll agree a tariff with you and subject to approval, we’ll order the vehicle and arrange a delivery date. Once a tariff for that type of vehicle has been agreed, you’ll be able to order it again on-line. Please allow at least a couple of days from order to delivery. Delivery and collection charges will apply but these will be advised at the outset of the agreement.