Case Study:
Creating the right brand image

Our client specialises in retail and field marketing and works with some of the world’s largest consumer electronics and telecommunications manufacturers. The business has enjoyed a sustained period of steady growth and senior management attributes much of its success to the attitude and commitment of the talented workforce.

Their Issues

Our client was selected to assist with the launch of an exciting new mobile phone by one of its international clients. Facilitating this involved placing promotional teams across the country to create brand awareness, train staff and showcase the product to customers.

In order to achieve the staff mobility, there was a requirement for 70 vehicles for a 30 day period. These vehicles needed to be delivered to two locations, Manchester and London.

Our Solution

Sourcing vehicles for this period of time can sometimes be tricky. An upper limit of 28 days is normally applied to daily vehicle rentals, while at the other end of the spectrum, a long-term lease would have been unsuitable for this project.

We decided that Mini-lease would be the best solution in this case, meaning that they could match the length of lease to their requirements.

The solution was to provide a 70-vehicle, short-term fleet consisting of both Ford Fiestas and Vauxhall Corsas in a 50:50 split, all of which were delivered to the two separate locations as requested.