Case study:
Overcoming supply issues

A provider of managed communication services had seen rapid growth through a number of major business acquisitions. This resulted in a number of different employee benefit and fleet policies requiring integration to deliver a single, fair approach to all staff across the group.

Their Issues

As the organisation prepared to implement its fleet strategy, and acquire an entirely new fleet of vehicles, a large number of cars were reaching their end of contract date. This required a flexible interim solution to be found.

The new policy reflected a restricted number of manufacturer choices, in a bid to reduce the cost inefficiencies of some of the inherited car schemes. A number of these manufacturers were badly affected by WLTP supply issues, which resulted in extended and uncertain vehicle delivery times.

Our Solution

CLM’s Mini-lease offering proved to be the perfect solution for this complex and changing situation. Drivers were able to select vehicles already aligned with the new fleet policy, as they waited for their new cars to be delivered. The WLTP impact meant that highly flexible arrangements were necessary, extending some rental contracts by as much as four months at the same rental cost.

Providing stability to drivers during this period of significant change was seen as paramount, and enabling them to be in a single vehicle for the entire period was viewed as a major benefit. This also provided the added advantage of simplifying Benefit-in-Kind tax arrangements for both the employer and employees.

NB The client’s name has not been published but details are available on request.