Personal Car Leasing Service

CLM offers a personal leasing service brought to you by our sister company Maxxia.

Personal leasing offers a financially viable alternative to purchasing a new car. There is no need to worry about depreciation costs as you simply pay for the use of the car and can change it at regular intervals.

Visit where you can browse or search through a huge range of personal lease car offers.

Once you’ve found something that suits, simply fill in the quote request form, letting us know the vehicle you are interested in and the timescale over which you would like to run it. We will respond to you directly with offers and options.

Personal leasing service for business employees

Many businesses provide company vehicles for their staff to fulfil vital business functions, however there are many employees who receive cash allowances in lieu of a company car. Perhaps because they have opted out of the company car scheme as they feel the benefit-in-kind taxation they pay on their cars is too excessive or the employer has withdrawn the company car option.

This is where our personal lease cars service might just fit the bill. The personal leasing scheme, provided in conjunction with sister company Maxxia, is available at

It can provide company employees with the opportunity to browse or search through a huge range of personal lease finance offers for some of the newest models in the market.

Providing access to brand new leased cars at attractive prices through one online location, with the ability to compares prices across a wide variety of the very latest models, is an ideal solution.

Benefits of CLM’s personal car leasing deals

  • We manage the whole process for you so that you don’t have to shop around for competitive quotes
  • We’ll support you with impartial advice about vehicles and funding options
  • You won’t have to haggle with salespeople
  • Highly competitive prices as the site brings together the best offers in the market at that time, getting you a great deal
  • You’ll have access to a range of special offers
  • You can order any make or model of car to suit your lifestyle
  • Our systems help us locate in-stock vehicles quicker – wherever they are.


How our personal lease service works

  • Fixed monthly payments for the term of the agreement
  • You have the option to include all servicing, routine repairs, tyres, batteries and exhausts
  • Breakdown cover and road fund licence included in all agreements
  • You’ll have the option to return the car at the end of the agreement at no additional cost (subject to meeting the required condition and mileage standards)
  • You’ll have the flexibility to change your vehicle every 2, 3 or 4 years
  • Or you can select a personal lease car scheme whereby you own the vehicle after the final payment.

It couldn’t be easier. Just tell us what you need and let us find you the vehicle and finance scheme to suit. You’ll have to source your own fully comprehensive insurance and you’ll have to fuel your car; the rest you can leave to us.

View the current personal lease car deals at

Frequently asked questions about our personal leasing scheme

This is where the new personal leasing cars service from CLM comes in. Provided in conjunction with our sister company Maxxia, it is available at and provides access to a huge range of personal lease car finance offers for some of the very latest new models in the market. It’s ideal for employees with a cash allowance.

Once you’ve found something that meets your requirement on our website, all you have to do is simply fill in the quote request form, letting us know which vehicle you are interested in and how long you’d like to lease it for. We will then respond to directly to you, letting you know the offers and options available.
Personal leasing will give you a known cost of acquiring and running a new car over a set period of time, with complete peace of mind that at the end of the contract there will be no concerns over the value of the vehicle or how to dispose of it. You will also be free from having to negotiate troublesome part-exchange prices and values.
Our personal car leasing deals provide a whole range of features and benefits that could make this the ideal funding option for you.  You can contact us to discuss your options further on 01908 219272.
Because our experience and knowledge have helped us to forge strong, lasting relationships with manufacturers and dealers, and we can offer a wide range of attractive finance and leasing rates.
You can pre-agree the length of the contract and the annual mileage when you take out the contract. Typical contracts are for 24, 36 or 48 months and the mileage bands usually range from 10,000 to 40,000 miles per annum. If you exceed the pre-agreed mileage then an excess mileage charge will apply. The figures will be provided on your quotation and final finance document.
Lease rentals are based on the predicted future value of the vehicle, and the more miles you cover the lower its residual value will be at the end of the contract. Because the value is lower, the monthly payments reflect this.
Both. We can provide contract hire and leasing for businesses, or we can provide personal leasing for their employees. Through our sister company, Maxxia, we have the relevant expertise in both areas.

The amount of initial payment can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. The rates are advertised in our special offers section and usually include an initial payment of three, six or nine monthly rentals in advance. Obviously, the higher the initial payment made, the lower your monthly rental will be.

The advertised rates on our website and special offers don’t include a maintenance package, although we can quote to include a fully maintained package upon request.

A comprehensive maintenance package gives complete peace of mind. The package will typically include full servicing in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations, replacement tyres, brakes and all other serviceable items, for the duration of the contract.
Depending on the type of agreement you choose, you may be able to purchase your vehicle at the end of its contract. Ask us about these options.
Depending on the type of vehicle, we can usually deliver vehicles in stock within 10-12 working days. If the vehicle has a special specification, however, we will offer you a confirmed factory build time.
All the vehicles will be sourced directly by the manufacturer and UK-based franchised dealer network. Delivery will take place at an agreed time to either your business or home address depending on your preference.

Simply go to to see the huge range of options available. Or you can call us on 01908 219272 for more details.