August 26, 2015

New personal leasing service for business employees

New scheme provides access to a huge variety of deals for leased cars

Many businesses provide company vehicles for their staff to fulfil vital business functions, such as sales teams, service engineers or maintenance staff.

However, there are many other employees who need cars for occasional business use and who use their own vehicles on company business – which raises duty of care issues in its own right because privately owned cars may not be serviced and maintained as regularly as company-owned vehicles.

And there are those employees who receive cash allowances in lieu of company cars, perhaps because they have opted out of the company car scheme as they feel the benefit-in-kind taxation they pay on their cars is too excessive.

For these types of employees, access to brand new leased cars at attractive prices through one online location with the ability to compares prices across a wide variety of the very latest models would seem an ideal solution.

This is where a new personal leasing service from CLM might just fit the bill. The new personal leasing scheme, provided in conjunction with sister company Maxxia, is available at

It provides company employees with the opportunity to browse or search through a huge range of personal lease car finance offers for some of the very latest new models in the market.

Exciting new models like the Vauxhall Mokka, one of Europe’s fastest-selling new SUVs (sports utility vehicles), the latest turbo-diesel powered Special Edition Audi A3 or the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class are just a tiny sample of those available.

Using the new service could not be easier. Employees can go online to to easily access the huge array of models available for all levels of job grade.

Once they’ve found something that meets their requirement, all employees have to do is simply fill in the quote request form, letting CLM know which vehicle they are interested in and the timescale they would like to run it.

This can vary depending on individual needs but typical lease rental periods are 24, 36 or 48 months. CLM will then respond to directly to each employee with the offers and options available.

Benefits of CLM’s new personal leasing service

  • CLM manages the whole process so that employees don’t have to shop around for competitive quotes
  • Everything is contained in one online location so vehicle comparisons are very easy
  • CLM will provide support with impartial advice about vehicles and funding options
  • You won’t have to haggle with salespeople
  • Highly competitive prices as the site brings together the best offers in the market at that time, getting you a great deal
  • You’ll have access to a range of special offers
  • You can order any make or model of car to suit your lifestyle
  • CLM systems will help locate in-stock vehicles wherever they are more quickly.

The new personal leasing scheme replaces the previous AlphaDrive scheme that CLM made available for company employees. Existing AlphaDrive contracts will, of course, be honoured, but once they have run their course, then the new personal leasing service will be the most appropriate, effective and attractive alternative available.

CLM genuinely believes that the new personal leasing service will offer company employees more flexibility and greater value for money than the previous scheme – with all the benefits.

CLM is writing to all drivers currently using the AlphaDrive scheme to inform of the new personal leasing option, and will also supply updated information and details for their companies to post to relevant intranets or websites to publicise the new scheme.

How personal leasing works

  • Fixed monthly payments for the term of the agreement
  • Option to include all servicing, routine repairs, tyres, batteries and exhausts
  • Breakdown cover and road fund licence included in all agreements
  • Option to return the car at the end of the agreement at no additional cost (subject to meeting the required condition and mileage standards)
  • Flexibility to change the vehicle every 2, 3 or 4 years
  • Opportunity to select a personal contract purchase scheme where the vehicle becomes yours after the final payment.

CLM’s new personal leasing scheme could not be easier to use – just tell us what you need and let us find you the vehicle and finance scheme you need. You’ll have to source your own fully comprehensive insurance and you’ll have to fuel your car; the rest you can leave to us.

If you would like to find out more about the new personal leasing service for all your company employees, then please get in touch.