June 24, 2022

CLM partners with More:Trees to plant trees as part of our sustainability strategy

CLM Fleet Management have partnered with More:Trees, a company who plants trees across the world, in a bid to reduce carbon dioxide and contribute towards a more sustainable future.

Since the road to net zero announcement and the launch of Lifestyle Car Choice, a go EV salary sacrifice scheme that drives sustainable fleets across businesses, CLM have been more conscious about their carbon footprint and sustainability strategy.

As part of the road to net zero, the UK government has agreed to cut emissions by 78% by 2035, and businesses are expected to move forward with Net Zero by 2050. Net Zero is now the frame of reference for ambition on climate change. To meet this target the UK requires businesses to lead the way and drive this change.

More:Trees enables CLM to help absorb future C02 emissions and take climate action by planting a tree at the click of a button.

CLM will plant a tree each time a customer places an order, and issue customers with a tree planting certificate from the virtual rainforest, so together we can plant a healthier planet.

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