June 13, 2022

Market leading Fleet Management Company CLM announces completion of Management Buy Out

[Monday 13th June 2022] Market leading Fleet Management Company CLM, previously part of the Maxxia Group, backed by major Australian company – The McMillan Shakespeare Group, today announces the completion of its Management Buy Out.

Following the Management Buy Out, CLM’s Chief Executive Officer John Lawrence, Chief Commercial Officer Andy Short and Chief Information Officer Andrew Beard have formulated an MBO team that has now achieved a mutually acceptable position with the McMillan Shakespeare Group to acquire the CLM business. The team have achieved this with external investment from Colin Knowles, from Knowles Fleet, and Gareth Shaw, previously at Maxxia who now joins CLM as Chief Financial Officer.

This acquisition will accelerate opportunity and grow CLM as a key provider of independent fleet management services specialising in the following services; Panel funding, vehicle rental, vehicle storage and logistics, accident management and more. Lifestyle Car Choice, a salary sacrifice programme developed in partnership with Knowles Fleet and underpinned by panel funding.

With investment in our fleet management propositions, technology and people, we believe we can take CLM to the next level and ensure we delight our existing and new customers, develop CLM as a fulfilling and rewarding environment to build a career in fleet management and build a profitable, fast growing fleet management business.” Said CLM’s Chief Executive Officer John Lawrence.

Editor Notes:

About CLM:

CLM manages commercial vehicles on behalf of corporate customers. As fleet specialists we exist to run our client’s fleet more cost effectively and efficiently. We deliver real and measurable cost savings through solutions such as competitive tendering, pay-as-you-go maintenance and more.

More recently CLM have launched Lifestyle Car Choice, its very own Salary Sacrifice scheme to help businesses reduce carbon footprint, boost employee wellbeing and offer an attractive, affordable way to drive a brand new electric vehicle.



For any PR related questions, please contact CLM Marketing Manager: Gemma Samuel. Gemma.Samuel@clm.co.uk

For all Management Buy Out questions, please contact CLM Chief Commercial Officer: Andy Short.



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