The flexible, Go EV Salary Sacrifice Scheme

Lifestyle Car Choice

Lifestyle Car Choice

More choice, more employee participation

We offer a huge selection of lower emission vehicles, so your employees will find a car they love. We can also support with with the cost of installing home charging points to make the EV transition even more enticing.

Build a sustainable fleet

We are proud to offer a sustainable scheme that finally makes driving electric vehicles affordable.

Our car range includes all electric, plug-in, and hybrid vehicles that are available in the market. So, you can encourage drivers to play their part in reducing CO₂ emissions and help your company go green.

Reduce costs

We use multiple suppliers, so we can guarantee the lowest car prices. Not to mention, you can boost your bottom line with savings on tax and national insurance.

Case Study

Salary Sacrifice for Wilmott Dixon, a leading construction and property services company.

“In January 2021, we switched our car funding policy from a standard three-year operating lease to a salary sacrifice scheme with CLM and it has been a massive success.

Wilmott Dixon’s employees had the opportunity to exchange a portion of their salary for a car.

Our employees can now benefit from reduced tax, National Insurance and low BIK rates associated with low emission vehicles.

Our drivers are delighted to access ultra-low emission vehicles and ultimately have more choice.

Since December 2020, our average company fleet emissions have dropped from 106gCO₂/km to 76gCO₂/km.”

Graham Dundas, Chief Financial Officer at Wilmott Dixon

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