July 6, 2022

Kingspan collaborate with CLM Fleet Management on the journey to net zero

Advanced insulation and buildings solution company Kingspan are contributing to sustainability across the world in buildings and now within their company fleet, since their latest collaboration with CLM Fleet Management.

Kingspan have recently ordered 39 new company car vehicles with CLM, 34 of them are full EV, taking 60% of its fleet to electric vehicles, with a target to only acquire zero emission cars by 2025. The EV’s will replace older, petrol and diesel models.

The road to net zero is part of Kingspan’s Planet Passionate Programme, which is a sustainable strategy that aims to impact: climate change, circularity and protection of our natural world.

The zero emission fleet will reduce carbon footprint and in addition reduce costs, time and resources through CLM’s smart panel funding approach. This is a smarter way to source company vehicles, as it invites a panel of contract hire companies to quote for each new vehicle added to Kingspan’s fleet, providing only the best price. This approach has saved Kingspan time that would have otherwise gone into them searching the market.

For more information on your fleet, please contact info@clm.co.uk