October 22, 2019

Green Number Plates?

Government Plans Green Number Plates for Electric Vehicles

The government has announced a formal consultation on its proposals to introduce a highly visible way of identifying electric vehicles on the UK’s roads. The plans aim to allow individual drivers and fleets to demonstrate the positive environmental choice that they have made, as well as raising public awareness of the numbers of electric vehicles on the road and ‘normalising’ the idea of driving an EV.

What’s your view?

The scheme is also intended to help city and local authorities with the implementation of initiatives such as low emission zones, public charging points, low emission vehicle lanes and parking at preferential rates. Similar schemes already run successfully in countries such as Norway, China and Canada.

The consultation is looking for input in a number of areas, including which type of vehicles to include (pure EVs only or the inclusion of hybrids), whether the scheme should be voluntary or compulsory and what the new plates should look like.

On the latter point, the government’s preferred solution is to add a green stripe or dot to the left-hand side of plates rather than issuing entirely green versions, as this is less likely to interfere with existing Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems.

possible green number plate designs

The consultation forms part of the government’s ‘Road to Zero’ strategy, that seeks to achieve zero exhaust emissions from all new cars and vans by 2040. Responses to the consultation can be made through the government’s website, with submissions ending on 14th January 2020.

To find out more about EVs and alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) in general, visit our AFV resources page.