April 26, 2019

Google Maps Boost for EV Drivers

Google Guides EV Drivers

Up until now, the go-to source for information on UK EV (electric vehicles) charging facilities around the country has been Zap-Map, a UK-based platform which provides information on the whole topic of electric vehicles and their green potential. This app has static map images showing the location of charging stations, but not their status.

However, on Tuesday 23rd April 2019, Google Maps introduced the latest innovation for the drivers of EVs. Simultaneously in the US and the UK, the American multi-national technology company Google LLC launched a new real-time addition to Maps which will assist EV drivers in finding available charging stations and a lot more.

All the major charging networks are included, plus businesses such as car dealership franchises which have EV charging points can be included. This could be a great marketing tool to attract EV drivers to their forecourts.


The major benefit of the new function is the real-time feature, meaning that drivers will be able to see if any chargers are available for use at their chosen charging station. Previously, it’s been possible to arrive at a station, only to find that all the ports are taken, meaning potentially long waits to charge up. The constantly updated information available on Google Maps new facility should alleviate that problem.

ev charging station

Access and availability

Simply update your existing Google Maps app from the App Store or Play Store and put in a search for ‘ev charging stations’. You’ll see information on the location of stations, how many ports are free, what port types are available and what the charging speeds are. You’ll also be able to access review and ratings on the stations from other drivers, plus photos and other information.

The new function is available for Google Maps on desktop, Android, iOS and on Google Maps for Android Auto.

More EV help?

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