April 11, 2017

How Fuel Cards Could Benefit Your Fleet Management

How Fleet Fuel Cards Could Assist Your Fleet Management

How Fleet Fuel Cards Could Benefit You

With the task of managing a fleet of business vehicles comes the duty to ensure your fleet is working effectively, responsibly, and in a cost-effective way. Juggling this can be difficult. There is inevitably pressure on fleet managers to keep track of expenditures alongside all of their other management duties and day-to-day tasks. However, pressure can be reduced with a carefully implemented fleet fuel card system, helping you to reduce time-consuming administrative tasks. Read on to learn more about the efficacy of fuel cards for your fleet.

How do company fuel cards work?

When you decide to adopt fuel card management services into your company, your business will hold one main fleet card account. In order to use this account, individual fleet fuel cards will be available for each of your drivers or vehicles. When your drivers are running low on fuel they’ll simply fill up their vehicle and then present their fuel card at the kiosk, rather than cash or a monetary payment card.

When the driver presents their fleet fuel card, the station will be paid and the fuel card management company will add the transaction to your account. After a regular, set period of time the fleet card services company will send a collated invoice for all your fleet’s fuel purchases. The invoice will include all relevant data attached to the point of purchase such as the date, time, place of purchase, transaction value and fuel used.

How Are Fleet Fuel Card Management Services Beneficial To You?

Fuel cards for business are particularly beneficial for companies with large fleets of vehicles. They can help to improve the flow of business in a number of different ways from saving time to improving security.

Save Company Time

The amount of time your company will save using fleet card services is one of the most significant benefits of the fleet monitoring solution. With the fleet fuel management company keeping track of all transactions your drivers have made, it leaves your staff with free time that would have been spent on administration. Instead of having to leaf through the purchasing data, fleet fuel cards mean there is no need to separate business costs and private mileage costs. In turn, using fuel cards for business leaves your staff with more time to focus on important tasks and business development.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

With fuel consumption data readily at hand, you will be able to more closely monitor usage. Monitoring individual fuel consumption and comparing data across the organisation will give you the opportunity to gain better insight into usage. It also helps to establish whether or not your team of drivers require economical driving training sessions. Alternatively, this fleet tracking management may require that you implement or refresh your CSR targets across your entire organisation in order to keep fuel consumption at a minimum and to raise awareness across the company.

Improved Security and Purchase Restrictions

Fuel cards for business offer a significant security benefit for your company. Each individual fleet fuel card is registered to one of your drivers or vehicles, meaning any unauthorised purchases can be traced back to the name and vehicle registration of the fuel card holder.

Fuel cards also have purchase restrictions in place, meaning transactions for certain unauthorised products will be declined, preventing any unnecessary loss of money.

Choosing Fleet Fuel Card Management Services For Your Business Vehicles

Successfully and conveniently manage your fleet fuel costs with fleet fuel card services. When you introduce fleet card services to your organisation you can save time, money and effort while increasing your business’s security measures and helping to monitor fuel consumption. Fleet card services are designed to benefit your company and leave staff available to focus on the development and progression of your business.

Take a look at CLM’s fleet management services and see how we can help you to save time and money with fleet fuel cards, as well as a fully outsourced fleet solution that fits with the requirements of your organisation.