If you work in procurement, our Fleet Policy guide may be a crucial read for you even if you’re not currently planning to review your organisation’s fleet of vehicles.

This guide will get you up to speed with what really counts if you want to deliver true, demonstrable, cost savings in one of the single biggest areas of spend for many organisations.

With so many different solutions available, getting a fleet solution right can be tricky, However, unlocking the potential of your fleet can deliver hefty cost savings. Therefore being well versed with the key issues means the procurement process can add significant value to the day to day running of the contract.

When the time comes to support your colleague who runs the fleet, you have two choices; organise a simple tender exercise and pick a provider that offers attractive sounding savings – unaware why identified savings may never be realised throughout the lifespan of the contract.

Or, download this guide, get a handle on the real issues of running a fleet and then deliver a supplier which truly fits your organisation’s needs, along with cost savings that go beyond the first day of the contract.

Of course, if you really want to be a star in your organisation, then don’t wait for someone else to initiate a contract review. Complete a sense check yourself, CLM saves its clients on average £1634 per vehicle, can your current supplier match this?

Fleet Policy Guide for Procurement

What’s Covered?

  • Policy Objectives & Scope
  • Health & Safety
  • Vehicle Quotes, Ordering
  • Delivery & Returns
  • Private Vehicle Usage
  • Fuel Policy & Management
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Repair
  • Accident & Breakdown
  • Charges & Fines
  • Taxation
  • Overseas Travel
  • Environmental Policy
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