Our Fleet Mobility solution enables employees to plan, book and manage travel requirements, integrating multiple forms of transport into one technology-based interface.

One system catering for a wide range of transport options

You gain access to a streamlined travel and expenses system that is easy to use and more cost effective than paying a travel management company to manage your entire fleet mobility.

Save money on your corporate travel

You benefit from savings for travel and accommodation managed via the platform thanks to negotiated discounts and the significant purchasing spend of our partner

Improved environmental performance

Increased utilisation of shared, or public, transport by employees using the platform for business travel can lead to CSR gains through reduced environmental impacts

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What is Fleet Mobility?

The best Fleet Mobility solutions use a digital platform that provide the following:

  • Journey planning across all available public and private transport types, using real-time data on availability and price
  • UK and international travel can be managed through the platform
  • Preferences for transport type, cost, speed, and environmental footprint to be factored in by both end-users and at a business level
  • Seamless booking of all tickets required for each leg of a journey
  • Destination accommodation and other service search and booking
  • A single payment and budget management system covering all travel expenses

An employee has a car but, in travelling to London determines it’s better to take the train. In addition, they need to stay overnight. The employee could simply use the system to book all their travel/accommodation. It would mean they didn’t need to pay and reclaim their expenses because the system handles it all and charges the employer’s account.

We have partnered with a leading Fleet Mobility provider in order to offer an innovative scheme and a tried and tested platform to our customers.

Fleet Mobility is strategically important in our services portfolio for managing overall travel objectives.

For example:

  1. To inform fleet policy
  2. To mitigate grey fleet challenges
  3. To reassess pool car or spot rental policy/provision
  4. To reassess cash for car

How Fleet Mobility works?

Via a single application, users of the platform can arrange a wide array of different types of travel from planes and trains, to cabs and bicycles, as well as booking accommodation and even parking.

The Fleet Mobility solution can be accessed via computer, tablet or mobile phone and complete multimodal journey plans can be researched, booked and paid for.

In addition to the platform, users have access to a concierge service, so there is always someone to speak to if help is required.

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For Employers

The benefits of a Fleet Mobility solution for employers include:

  • Gaining access to a streamlined travel and expenses system that is easy to use
  • Cheaper/better than using a travel management company
  • Self-serve, companies can transfer process to their employees
  • Flexibility for employees
  • Can be used for international travel as well as UK journey planning
  • Savings for travel/accommodation via the platform thanks to negotiated discounts
  • CSR gains through the reduced environmental impacts of business travel post implementation
  • A scheme that can be used as an employee benefit for all staff if desired
  • Detailed management information which can be integrated into quarterly business reviews and used to review wider fleet/travel policies
  • The future now – As society changes, businesses and business travel have to evolve too. The number of 17-20 year olds learning to drive has decreased significantly since 1994.

For Employees

The benefits of a Fleet Mobility solution for employees include:

  • More flexibility, choice and control for employees in how they travel
  • All options accessible through a single platform
  • Helps employees save time and hassle when planning their travel
  • E-Ticketing
  • Stops employees paying for their journeys upfront and reclaiming expenses later
  • Discounted travel entitlements (like rail cards) are recognised and applied to bookings
  • Could be ideal for those living in our major cities, where public transport systems are well developed, and where driving a car could actually be a drawback
  • Employees can use Mobilleo for their private journey planning too
  • Employees can make their travel plans according to their personal environmental commitments

Millions of pounds have been invested in the technology already and significant plans are in place for further expansion and development”

The Future Now

As our society changes, fewer young people are learning to drive, company car benefit in kind tax is so high, connectivity is so advanced, and environmental considerations are so important, we are predicting that Fleet Mobility will become a mainstream benefit.

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