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Managing your grey fleet risk

We’ll look after your grey fleet management so you don’t have to

A grey fleet is composed of vehicles owned by employees but used on company business. Grey fleet management remains one of the most pressing concerns for fleet managers, but there are ways of minimising the risks and managing it more effectively.

With support from CLM you can improve your management processes and decrease financial and legal risks.

Proper Controls

We work with you to make sure all grey fleet vehicles are well and properly maintained and their drivers are properly licenced and insured.

Reduced Admin

We can help to keep track of your grey fleet vehicle mileage and send servicing and MOT reminders to your drivers, so you don’t need to worry.

Reduced Liability

If a grey fleet vehicle is involved in an accident and found to be unroadworthy, your company could be held liable. Reduce the risk with our management solutions.

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Why use CLM’s Grey Fleet Management services?

We can implement a grey fleet management strategy with which all your grey fleet cars are treated exactly the same as company-owned vehicles. As with other company vehicles, all records of your grey fleet vehicles will be kept online in a central fleet management database. This will provide you with:

  • Access to vehicle data at all times, with any changes to their condition, status or ownership accurately recorded so that they are up to date.

  • Exception reporting to flag up when any potential issues are identified.

  • Documented processes to clearly establish the necessary audit trail.

On behalf of our clients, we ensure that the same rigorous tests and conditions are applied to grey fleet vehicles as to company-owned vehicles, confirming that they are legally compliant. That way, your grey fleet drivers can be managed more effectively, in line with your grey fleet policy, and the risk to the company kept under control.

Grey Fleet Management – Think reduced risk. Think smarter. Think CLM.

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