With the day-to-day running of a fleet being so complex and time-consuming, and with fleet responsibility often being just one part of a bigger role, getting the right fleet management support is vital.

Fleet support at CLM is all about us making life simpler for our customers. We can offer you support across all aspects of your fleet operations, or simply pick and choose the areas where help would be most useful.

Our fleet management support services can take care of any aspect of the administration of the fleet, including looking after all of your drivers’ enquiries and demands. Just let us know how we can help and we’ll build the perfect fleet support package for you.

The widest range of fleet management support

Want to get rid of the hassle of licence or insurance checks, tired of chasing drivers for scheduled servicing, don’t have the resource to meet all of their quoting and ordering demands? CLM’s comprehensive fleet support services cover every aspect of managing a busy fleet.

As much or as little fleet support as you need

We don’t dictate the level of fleet management support that our customers take. We have a wide range of modular services that can be used to build the perfect level of fleet support for your business. Pick just a few services or outsource the lot, it’s your decision.

Free up valuable internal resources

Let CLM’s fleet support managers take the strain and you’ll release time and resource to focus on what really matters. Whether it’s focusing on the more strategic aspects of your fleet, or getting back to growing your business, your fleet needs can all be taken care of.

Ready to find out how we can help?

Comprehensive Fleet Support Services

CLM’s extensive fleet support operations give us the capacity to manage every aspect of your fleet. Maybe you don’t need help with everything, but you’re experiencing a few annoying pinch-points, just select the right combination of services for your business:

  • Dedicated helpline and mobile app for all driver enquiries

  • Assisting drivers through the vehicle selection, order and delivery process

  • Collecting and verifying mileage data

  • Administering driver fuel cards

  • Providing documentation for taking company vehicles abroad

  • Renewing Road Fund Licences

  • Processing parking fines and other penalties

  • Reminding drivers of servicing and MOT dates

  • Managing P11D reporting requirements

  • Taking care of Motor Insurance Database updates

CLM, your new Fleet Support Manager

 Think of CLM’s fleet support as the perfect back-up fleet manager, there when you need it to provide assistance but never overstepping the mark. You keep as much or as little control as you want, knowing that we’ve always got your back when things get too busy.

Don’t let your fleet dominate your to-do list, talk to us about getting the support you deserve.

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