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How can a Fleet Procurement specialist help me?

At CLM we help to cut through this complexity, to ensure that your fleet procurement strategy meets all of the demands of your organisation. From reducing costs, to delivering a valued benefit to employees, and ensuring that your fleet related environmental objectives are met, we deliver fleet solutions specifically designed to meet your objectives.

Our flexible fleet services mean you keep control of as much or as little of the fleet procurement process as works for you. We can provide full procurement outsourcing for organisations that require assistance across all aspects of the fleet, or give support in just a few specific areas of focus.

If you’re unsure about how best to optimise your fleet procurement strategy read on or contact us for more information.

Fleet procurement expertise

As fleet procurement specialists, CLM has worked with organisations to meet their fleet procurement objectives for decades. We bring a unique and independent point of view to all fleet sourcing decisions, ensuring that our clients get the most from their resources.

Sourcing the best deals across the fleet category

Our fleet procurement specialists don’t just look at the most cost-effective way to source vehicles, we also find the best possible deals in funding, servicing and maintenance and a wide range of ancillary fleet services. Our focus is on sustainable reductions in whole-life-costs across the fleet.

Bespoke fleet policy design

The challenges of creating the best balance in the fleet procurement policy are numerous. Pressures on the design of the policy come from budget holders, human resource managers, transport specialists and, not least, drivers. Making sure that all these requirements are met at the best possible price is where CLM’s fleet sourcing solutions excel.

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Fleet Procurement Solutions

CLM’s range of fleet solutions are designed to meet the needs of the most challenging business situations. Our services include:

  • Running competitive tenders for every new vehicle via Smartpanel.

  • Providing access to a wide range of funders and funding methods.

  • Consulting on the benefits of outright purchase versus leasing.

  • Negotiating vehicle deals and rebates with manufacturers and dealers.

  • Gaining access to one-off special offers and batch vehicle deals.

  • Reviewing manufacturer and vehicle policies to maximise cost efficiency.

  • Delivering discounts on all fleet related services from servicing to telematics.

  • Implementing cost saving fuel management systems.

  • Minimising whole-life-costs including insurance, NI and tax.

  • Advising on optimum replacement cycles and maximising disposal values.

Fleet strategy advice at your fingertips 

Whatever you fleet needs, and whatever stage you’re at in your procurement process, CLM’s experts are on hand to help. Contact our team of fleet procurement specialists today.

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