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Fleet Consulting Services

How can a Fleet Consultant help me?

Fleet consulting at CLM means helping our clients to deal with the big picture fleet issues that every organisation needs to tackle. Our dedicated team of fleet consultants work with you to understand your specific challenges and deliver practical, pragmatic solutions.

Our fleet consultants have a wide range of expertise, so if you’re looking for help in formulating your fleet strategy, pondering the best mix of manufacturers to include on your choice list, or looking to make cost savings while maintaining the value of your benefits programme, we can help.

If you’ve never used a fleet consultant before, read on to discover how CLM’s fleet consulting services could benefit your organisation.

40 years’ fleet consultancy experience

Our fleet consulting services give you access to the combined expertise of a team that’s been supporting fleet decision-makers for decades. What our team of consultants doesn’t know about the intricacies of fleet management simply isn’t worth knowing.

Independent fleet consultancy

Our fleet consultants are not tied to any manufacturer or funder, which means that they provide advise based purely on what’s best for your fleet. Our business is built on delivering the best strategic outcomes for our clients, not a generic solution.

Full scope fleet consulting solutions

Developing the best fleet strategy is just part of the fleet consultancy picture. Our team delivers solutions that work in the real world, not just on paper. CLM’s fleet consulting services provide support throughout implementation, and beyond, to ensure your objectives are met.

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Fleet Consultancy Services

CLM’s fleet consultancy services cover a wide range of issues, here are just a few of the most common engagements we undertake:

  • Developing and implementing robust fleet strategies

  • Advising on the design of bespoke fleet policies and choice lists

  • Delivering highly valued employee benefits that meet budget constraints

  • Reducing whole-life-costs for each vehicle and across the fleet

  • Assessing and reducing fleet related risk

  • Helping clients to meet their environmental objectives

We are fleet management specialists

Our business is fleet management, it’s all we do, and that’s why we back our fleet consultancy team as the best in the business. No matter what the size of your business or fleet, or what sector you operate in, our fleet consultants can help you to deliver on your objectives.

Don’t face your fleet problems alone, call our fleet management team now and start relieving the pressure.

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