CLM Fleet Management Solutions

CLM has been a specialist fleet management business for approaching 40 years and we provide a full portfolio of fleet solutions to help UK businesses meet their mobility and service delivery requirements.

If you are looking for fleet support, you have come to the right place.

Here is some insight into how we can help you:

  • Fleet strategy advice/guidance and policy construction
  • Full outsourcing including driver management
  • Vehicle maintenance (Pay as You Go is our speciality)
  • Short and medium-term rental services
  • Vehicle funding through our Smartpanel service (our flagship service)
  • Vehicle ordering, deliveries, collections
  • Fleet administration (Road Fund Licence, fines, foreign travel, cherished plates etc.)
  • Vehicle logistics including vehicle storage and reallocation
  • Grey fleet management services

And, through a sister business, we can offer more complex funding solutions like salary sacrifice and Employee Contract Ownership (ECO) so that you can support all your staff rather than just those entitled to a company vehicle.

We pride ourselves on supplying customers with a transparent and reliable service, which is completely tailored to your business. We have all the resources and expertise required to keep your fleet on the road – all you have to do is decide on which services you require.

Our purpose is to run our clients’ fleets more cost effectively and efficiently and our customers appreciate the ways we deliver real and measurable cost savings.

We understand that you may not have a dedicated fleet manager or that the need for internal support is increasing. With experienced advisors on hand at CLM, your fleet vehicle operations will be managed effectively.

Fleet Management Services Provided By CLM

CLM is an experienced fleet management provider, helping organisations across the UK with a bespoke approach to fleet management solutions. A bespoke service means that we will factor in each aspect of your current fleet operations – whether you need more support with administration, or you’re struggling with vehicle acquisition, our unique approach means that you will have a solution that adapts to your needs.

Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Vehicle acquisition & disposal
  • Contract hire cars for your fleet
  • Business vehicle rental
  • Maintenance management
  • Accident management
  • Corporate risk management
  • Fuel cards
  • Fleet driver services
  • Grey fleet support
  • Fleet strategy & consultancy
  • Fleet administrative services
  • Logistics services
  • Mini-lease

As an experienced fleet management provider, the team at CLM knows that one size certainly does not fit all. That’s why we ensure your fleet solution fits your requirements from the very start of our relationship.

CLM has been providing bespoke fleet management services for almost 40 years, and continues to support corporate customers with tailored solutions. Contact us to find out more about CLM and how we could help your processes become more efficient.

All the services provided by CLM can be tailored to the needs of our clients, ensuring we pinpoint the areas where you require the most support and the key areas for growth. Our intention is to provide you with a fully outsourced fleet management solution that factors in your needs and business objectives.

How Can You Save Money On Fleet Costs?

The best way to save money is not to do what you’ve always done. Taking a close look at what you do, keeping the best bits and challenging the rest is where we can help if you’d like us to.

We have form when it comes to thinking differently. We don’t advocate bundling all your services together with one provider, instead we encourage shopping around and separating vehicle finance from other requirements such as fleet management and vehicle maintenance management.

Whilst sole supply outsourcing feels comforting, it doesn’t guarantee you the best value for money. What we do at CLM is give you the comfort and ease of a sole supply relationship whilst sweating the numbers on everything. For example, if you want us to help you fund vehicles, our Smartpanel Funding solution means we’ll go to our panel of funders for every single one, we’ll get you the best price every time. But you’ll only deal with us and we’ll manage your fleet, your reporting and your drivers in a consistent way even if you have five funders providing your contract hire vehicles.

Bundling maintenance into your vehicle finance is effectively like buying an “insurance” service. In most instances you will pay more than the benefit you receive. The way that we save you money on your maintenance is to micro manage every vehicle repair every time. We don’t believe in automatic approval limits so we approve every repair and we check every invoice to make sure we/you only pay for what was agreed. Sounds time consuming doesn’t it! For us it is, but it makes a big difference for you. You probably wouldn’t want to do this yourself which is why you should talk to us about doing it for you.

The kind of outlook we apply to vehicle funding and maintenance is also evident in the way that we manage short term hire services. We want you to have choice and the best value for money; we facilitate this by providing you with one booking system, and consolidated reporting/invoicing, but in the background, we work with all of the UK’s best daily rental companies.

What Is Fleet Management?

Fleet management is the organisation and overseeing of a company’s fleet of vehicles. This covers a range of activities such as vehicle acquisition, managing maintenance and repairs, accident management, sourcing temporary vehicles, administration, fuel and grey fleet management. Effective fleet management requires a target-oriented approach to the supervision of your vehicles, taking into account your current resources as well as the internal and external factors that may have an effect on the management of your fleet operations.

What Are The Benefits Of Fleet Management?

A carefully mapped out fleet strategy will have an impact on the financial performance of your business, helping you to factor in each element of your current spend, as well as the efficiency of your vehicle operations. A fully outsourced fleet management service can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Increased efficiency – Outsourced support means that you have the time to concentrate on the core of your business, and the means to achieve better results from your fleet.
  • Lowered costs – Greater efficiency means lower costs. Less money spent on repairs, operating costs, fuel, accident resolution, driver support and administration.
  • Improved employee retention – Delivering an attractive car scheme and policy and providing excellent service to keep your drivers happy.
  • Improved client retention – With improved efficiency, it is much easier to ensure that your employees or goods arrive with customers on time and in good condition.

Outsourcing Vehicle Fleet Management

One of the largest expenses your business will see is your company’s fleet. Sourcing, acquiring, maintaining and managing your vehicles is a costly and crucial aspect of your business. And one that you need to get right.

Get it wrong and the vehicle fleet can become a burden on your organisation’s resource and cost you more than it needs.

Have you thought about outsourcing vehicle fleet management, but then not been sure where to begin? Before you start, it can often help to pull together a list of the objectives you need to meet. Some suggestions to guide your thinking are outlined below.

Your vehicle fleet management plan should form part of your overall business plan and include objectives to:

  • Improve efficiency across the business
  • Reduce overheads
  • Benefit from new products or services
  • Improve the organisation’s green credentials
  • Expand your offering and introduce new field-based staff

By piecing together your business goals, you can then begin to map out the solutions you’ll require from your fleet management provider. Using our expertise, CLM can help you to pinpoint and quickly address your areas of weakness first, whether that means sourcing vehicles more efficiently, making cost savings, or reducing costly and resource intensive administration. Once your requirements are established, we can set about building a complete outsourced solution that meets your needs.

We also have two guides available which can help on your outsourcing journey. Click on the image to download your free PDF.

effective outsourcing
effective outsourcing

Fleet Management Systems

Our proven fleet management systems help ensure that our clients’ fleets are managed as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

At CLM we provide our clients with access to FleetActive, fleet tool which manages and controls all aspects of the vehicle fleet, producing a suite of management information reports to help ensure that drivers are kept on the road and cost savings are optimised.

We then back up our system with the support of our dedicated and experience team, comprising specialist maintenance controllers and key account managers, to provide a full service fleet solution that is second to none.

Independent fleet management software suppliers may talk of providing the independent means for fleets to manage their vehicles electronically. But they can lack the support and back-up in human terms that a full-service fleet management supplier, like ourselves, can provide.

Once a client’s fleet is uploaded to FleetActive, access is provided to a portal which provides the client with a holistic, statistical overview of the fleet, displayed using colourful dashboards.

These can be customised to show the most relevant, up-to-the-minute fleet information and is set up to store or email reports on a particular day each period. It is interactive and, if an item is clicked, the next level of information is displayed automatically.

The level and depth of information displayed will depend on the rights allocated to the user, ranging from fleet manager through to driver.

The data shown on our fleet management system is held in a totally secure data warehouse which also contains data feeds from third party suppliers.

This enables reports to be produced incorporating information from a range of sources to provide a host of integrated management information reports. And the data is also used to support regular fleet reviews with our clients.

FleetActive System: key features and benefits

Our fleet system is more than just software, it provides a fully featured management information portal to CLM clients. Built using web technology, the portal enables easy access to:

  • Updates of vehicle and driver information
  • Dashboard style fleet information
  • Environmental impact of the fleet
  • Vehicle maintenance history
  • Manufacturer and model details
  • Vehicle reallocations
  • Management information reporting
  • Insurance claims management
  • Hire car management

Vehicle Telematics

Over recent years, telematics has become an increasingly important part of fleet management, capable, as it is, of providing a whole host of real-time vehicle tracking information and greater depth and insight into how and where their vehicles are operating.

At CLM, we provide our clients with access to the very latest in telematics systems to support a host of modern corporate fleet requirements, including meeting duty of care obligations, recording business and private mileage, vehicle tracking and vehicle location information, as well as monitoring driver behaviour.

Telematics encompasses a range of technologies, including GPS, which can be used to monitor various aspects of driving and vehicle performance. That data is then transmitted back to the fleet manager to help identify more accurately how and where a particular vehicle has been driven.

The most common way that telematics data is captured is via a ‘black box’ in each vehicle, plugged directly into the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics port, which feeds the data back in real time to a central control centre.

The telematics output generated can also help identify areas where efficiencies can be introduced to improve fuel management, such as more efficient route planning, as well as helping drivers to identify and overcome their own shortcomings.

The latest telematics systems can help fleet managers achieve savings in operating and fuel costs by closer monitoring of driver behaviours, including speeding, aggressive braking, excessive idling and many more. This then allows them to deploy their fleet in more efficient ways, saving money on fuel as well as reducing their carbon footprint.

Used in this way, in-vehicle telematics is a great way to help drivers to change their driving style to reduce road risk, environmental impact and cost to the business.  This, in turn, helps reduce instances of unsafe driving and poor driving behaviour to diminish the risk of accidents and injury, as well as helping meet duty of care obligations.

One of the benefits of using telematics, and its link to the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics port, is it can detect vehicle problems long before the driver is able to notice any symptoms, such as low-performance, low-fuel economy or heavy emissions.

The system connects to the vehicle in such a way that individual vehicle faults or Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) can be pulled through the system, to highlight issues and problems via real-time alerts. This allows proactive responses to be taken where possible, and reactive responses where needed.

These alerts can be sent directly to the CLM team to support swift resolution, allowing the Fleet Control team to redirect the driver appropriately.

The key features of this ability is to allow proactive management in the following areas, amongst others:

  • AdBlue levels
  • Servicing
  • Maintenance – fault codes and dashboard faults

Fluid levels such as AdBlue are important to monitor continually as, should the AdBlue run dry, the engine will not be able to be start. Therefore, it is important that this level is not allowed to run fully dry.

By using telematics in this way allows the fleet manager to manage service and maintenance more effectively and to anticipate problems before they occur.

Another benefit of the system is that it allows accurate odometer readings to be obtained from the vehicle. This accuracy allows CLM to ensure that the leasing agreement is in line with the mileage the vehicle is conducting and to re-negotiate contracts that are out of alignment.

What the CLM vehicle telematics system can provide:

  • Accurate mileage tracking, with a split between private and business mileage, offering line-by-line reporting
  • Ability to support monitoring of driver behaviour to promote safe driving
  • Ability to determine vehicle location in times of emergency
  • Ability to support maintenance requirements, service timing, fault codes etc with accurate odometer readings as a minimum
  • Ability to reduce the cost of associated services such as insurance
  • Ability to provide accident management support, in areas such as such as first notice of loss (FNOL) and accident reporting
  • Ability to monitor fuel usage and validation
  • Ability to rewrite leasing contacts in line with actual mileages

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Trusted Partners

At CLM, we are very proud of our close and strategic relationships with our clients, some of whom we have worked with for decades! Below are a few words from some of them …

fleet testimonial

“We get excellent support from our dedicated account team that is very proactive in helping me to manage the fleet effectively.
CLM has proved to me that when it comes to value for money and service quality it is possible to have the best of both worlds.”



fleet management testimonial

“CLM has great experience and understanding of our fleet and have helped us to refine and improve our fleet policy over the years.
In short, they provide us with the ideal end-to end turnkey package of vehicle management.”



fleet management solutions

“We chose CLM’s PAYG maintenance service because it means we keep a tight rein on costs, only pay for what we actually need and then only when the work is undertaken. CLM micro manages the garages/process on our behalf, which gives us confidence.”



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“Over the four years in which we have been working together, we have developed an excellent working relationship with CLM, with a very high standard of customer service. Their levels of expertise and professionalism have taken the management of our fleet to another level.”



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