Seeking fleet management support?

Seeking fleet management support?

Our experienced team has been managing fleets for over 40 years. Contact us to find out how we could plug the gaps in your current fleet strategy.

Our experienced team has been managing fleets for almost 40 years. Contact us to find out how we could plug the gaps in your current fleet strategy.

Our expertise and experience can help you optimise your fleet’s performance

We take the strain off you

When you outsource your fleet management to CLM, our experts develop and manage your fleet based on your needs. We specialise in simplifying the complex, so you have the time to concentrate on the core management of your business.

Independent and working for you

We are independent and unbiased so we have the freedom to make the best and impartial decisions for your fleet and business. We work to save you money and find you the best solution.

Being smart with sourcing

Our Smartpanel fleet funding system keeps your vehicle leasing rates keen and creates demonstrable cost savings. By using a panel of providers who compete for orders, we shop around on your behalf, ensuring low rates with all the benefits of a single supplier.

Our Trusted Partners

We are proud of our close and strategic relationships with our clients, some we have worked with for decades! Here’s what they think about our fleet management services…

fleet testimonial

“We get excellent support from our dedicated account team that is very proactive in helping me to manage the fleet effectively.

CLM has proved to me that when it comes to value for money and service quality it is possible to have the best of both worlds.”



fleet management testimonial

“CLM has great experience and understanding of our fleet and have helped us to refine and improve our fleet policy over the years.

In short, they provide us with the ideal end-to end turnkey package of vehicle management.”



fleet management solutions

“We chose CLM’s PAYG maintenance service because it means we keep a tight rein on costs, only pay for what we actually need and then only when the work is undertaken. CLM manages the garages/process on our behalf, which gives us confidence.”



fleet solutions testimonial

“Over the four years in which we have been working together, we have developed an excellent working relationship with CLM, with a very high standard of customer service. Their levels of expertise and professionalism have taken the management of our fleet to another level.”



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