CLM Fleet Management Solutions

What is fleet management? And what are the benefits of an outsourced fleet management solution?

One of the largest expenses your business will see is your company’s fleet. Sourcing, acquiring, maintaining, and managing your fleet is a costly and crucial aspect of your business. And one that you need to get right.

Get it wrong and vehicle fleet management can become a burden on your company’s current resource.

Use the information below as your initial tool kit to start managing your company cars more effectively, whatever the size of the operation. We understand that you may not have a dedicated fleet manager or that the need for internal support is increasing. With experienced advisors on hand at CLM, your fleet vehicle operations will be managed effectively. The team at CLM will shoulder the burden for you.

Fleet Management

What Is Fleet Management?

At its core, a fleet management solution includes the organisation and overseeing of a company’s fleet of vehicles. Effective fleet management requires a target-oriented approach to the supervision of your fleet, taking into account your current resources as well as the internal and external factors that may have an effect on the management of your fleet operations.

Outsourcing Vehicle Fleet Management

Thought about outsourcing vehicle fleet management, but not sure where to start? It can often help to pull together a list of objectives required. Use the below to help you start mapping out what you want to achieve from outsourcing your fleet management.

Your vehicle fleet management plan should form part of your overall business plan and include objectives to:

  • Improve efficiency across the business
  • Reduce overheads
  • Benefit from a new product or service
  • Improve the organisation’s green credentials
  • Expand your offering and introduce new field-based staff

By piecing together your business goals, you can then begin to map out the fleet management solutions you’ll require from your fleet management provider. Using our expertise, CLM can help you to pinpoint and quickly address your areas of weakness first, whether that means sourcing vehicles more efficiently, making cost savings, or reducing costly and resource intensive administration. Once your internal goals are fully established, that leaves us with the information necessary to build a complete fleet solution that meets your needs.


Fleet Management Services Provided By CLM

All the fleet services provided by CLM can be tailored to the needs of our clients, ensuring we pinpoint the areas where you require the most support and the key areas for growth. Our intention is to provide you with a fully outsourced fleet management solution that factors in your needs and business objectives.

How CLM has supported TATA Global Beverages

From a fleet management point of view, we get excellent support from our dedicated account team that is very proactive in helping me to manage the fleet effectively. CLM is always available to provide help and support as needed for anything to do with vehicle maintenance, servicing, breakdown recovery or accident management.

CLM has proved to me that when it comes to value for money and service quality it is possible to have the best of both worlds.

Madeleine R Bonar – Category Manager, TATA Global Beverages

What Are The Benefits Of Fleet Management?

A carefully mapped out fleet strategy will have an impact on the financial performance of your business, helping you to factor in each element of your current fleet spend, as well as the efficiency of your fleet operations. A fully outsourced fleet management service can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Increased efficiency – Outsourced support means that you have the time to concentrate on the core management of your business, and the means to achieve better results from your fleet.
  • Lowered costs – Greater efficiency means lower costs. Less money spent on repairs, operating costs, fuel, accident resolution, driver support and administration.
  • Improved employee retention – Delivering an attractive car scheme and policy and providing excellent service to keep your drivers happy.
  • Improved client retention – With improved efficiency, it is much easier to ensure that your employees or goods arrive with customers on time and in good condition.

About CLM Fleet Management Solutions

CLM is an experienced fleet management provider, helping organisations across the UK with a bespoke approach to fleet management solutions. A bespoke service means that we will factor in each aspect of your current fleet operations – whether you need more support with administration, or you’re struggling with vehicle acquisition, our unique approach means that you will have a fleet management solution that adapts to your needs. As an experienced fleet management provider, the team at CLM knows that one size certainly does not fit all. That’s why we ensure your fleet solution fits your requirements from the very start of our relationship.

CLM has been providing bespoke fleet management solutions for over 35 years, and continues to support corporate customers with tailored solutions. Learn more about CLM and how we could help your fleet management processes become more efficient.