CLM Fleet Logistics Management

Right vehicle, right place, right time.

Vehicles in the wrong location, taking up precious parking spaces and unnecessary temporary vehicles plugging gaps all mean money wasted. It’s inefficient but doesn’t need to be.

Our savvy fleet logistics management team is trained to keep vehicle demand and allocation in perfect sync. Years of industry experience in fleet planning, backed up by our purpose-built database and vehicle movement, storage and reallocation systems deliver a perfectly choreographed fleet – making sure every vehicle is in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time.

Fleet logistics that keep your vehicles moving

Safe, Clean Vehicles

Our fleet management logistics team will make sure your vehicles are sparkling inside and out and safe to drive, fulfilling your duty of care to your drivers.

Nationwide Logistics

We’ll deliver the right vehicle to the right driver anywhere in the country. We can also collect and store your vehicles keeping them in running order while in storage.

Money Saving

Our in-depth end of contract assessment ensures that the contract hire company recharges are fair. Any discrepancies and we sort them out for you.

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Why use CLM’s Fleet Logistics Management services?

Juggling fleet logistics is a skill we have perfected. Let us show you how:

  • Reduce costs: We’ll help keep funding, short-term rental and early termination costs down with our comprehensive fleet planning service. Vehicle movement, storage and reallocation really is simple with our fleet logistics team on the job. Not only that, at reallocation, we’ll renegotiate the vehicle contract for you based on its new expected term and mileage, to mitigate excess end-of-contract charges.

  • Easy pricing: Simple vehicle movements are charged based on mileage – we’ll agree a unique price plan that works for you.

  • We’ll keep your drivers happy and safe: From sparkling dashboards to healthy engines, our fleet management logistics team will make sure your reallocated vehicles are clean and safe – inside, outside and under the bonnet. Not only that, but our rigorous vehicle checking, repair, fleet maintenance, and valeting service will keep your vehicle safety duty of care in check, and your drivers happy.

  • Nationwide fleet logistics: We can collect, store and redeliver vehicles anywhere in the UK, meaning we go where your drivers go. From A to B or A(berdeen) to Z(ennor), we’ll get the right vehicle to the right driver, at the right place, at the right time.

  • Easily match driver and vehicle requirements: Make the most of your fleet by using our comprehensive fleet logistics database to match-make new driver requirements with vehicles in storage.

  • Reliable fleet storage: We’ve got storage for up to 600 vehicles. Imagine 25 football pitches with cars parked end to end along the entire touchline. That’s a lot of storage. We also start the vehicles regularly and charge if required to ensure that the high demands of technology in modern vehicles does not suffer problems as a result of a flat battery.

  • Complete vehicle reallocation service: From vehicle collection to servicing and safe delivery, we take care of every stage of the reallocation process. Think prompt collection of returned or unused vehicles, condition appraisals, lubricant and tyre checks, servicing and MOT, bodywork repairs, 70-point pre-delivery checks and valeting.

  • End of contract: Our end of contract assessment provides an additional check to ensure that contract hire companies’ vehicle appraisals are accurate and that any recharges are fair. Any discrepancies are queried and managed through to resolution by our fleet management logistics team, saving you money.

Fleet Logistics Management- Think efficiency. Think smarter. Think CLM.

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