September 25, 2018

Fleet Logistics Planning: Do You Need Support?

Fleet Logistics Planning: Do You Need Support?

The effective planning and control of fleet logistics is important for any business as it ensures that the right vehicles are delivered at the right time to the right place, with the minimum of fuss and cost.

Often vehicles may need to be moved from one part of a business to another in a different part of the country. Or, in another scenario, used vehicles may require collecting to be taken to auction for disposal or new vehicles delivered to a driver’s home.

In those circumstances, using a supplier with experience in offering logistics planning services is the ideal solution to ensuring the required fleet outcomes are achieved.

Fleet logistics solutions

CLM can provide extensive solutions in the area of fleet logistics planning totally independent from the vehicle manufacturers, with the capacity to collect and deliver vehicles anywhere in the country.

With over 30 years’ experience in the business, the company has relationships with some the UK’s largest vehicle transportation agencies, backed up by a number of trained professional drivers. They undertake detailed vehicle handover processes and thoroughly explain the key attributes of the new vehicle in the handover.

At the same time, all vehicles returned to CLM undergo a detailed and comprehensive appraisal process to identify and validate items requiring further attention.

Amongst the features regularly and systematically checked are the number of vehicle keys, tyre pressures and tread depths, MOT and servicing information, RFL expiry and any damaged or missing items.

To deliver these services, the company has operated a fleet logistics, reallocation and storage centre at Wharley End, near Cranfield, Bedfordshire, for many years, which has the capacity to store up to 300 vehicles at any one time.

Onsite vehicle storage compounds are controlled by the latest cutting edge security technology, including 24/7 manned CCTV monitoring and regular security patrols.

These facilities are utilised by clients nationwide, and the central location and close proximity to the motorway networks enables vehicles to be accessed moved quickly to anywhere in the country.

Storage is not limited to passenger vehicles, as CLM also stores large numbers of commercial vehicles and can accommodate vehicles of any size.

fleet logistics

Vehicle re-allocations play a key role

Vehicle re-allocations can be an important part of any fleet management operation plan as, not only can they remove the threat of early termination charges and reduce funding and rental costs, but they can also improve vehicle utilisation and avoid having vehicles unused for any length of time.

Company vehicles are often freed up within a business when employees leave and there is no immediate replacement. But unless an effective vehicle logistics management plan is in place, they can often lay unused for days, sometimes weeks, before they are re-allocated to another employee.

This can not only increase funding costs in the case of leased vehicles, but might also see a rise in rental costs when short-term vehicles are hired for new employees when perfectly serviceable vehicles are standing unallocated.

Early termination charges – how to avoid them

A company faces the threat of punitive early termination charges if it hands back a leased vehicle before the end of the contract for any reason. However, this is a quite common occurrence due to employees leaving the business, being promoted or being made redundant.

One way to avoid this may be to re-allocate the vehicle elsewhere within the business, perhaps to another department or another employee as part of a logistics planning process.

However, before any vehicle is reallocated, it must be assessed for roadworthiness, with any accident damage repaired and essential servicing work undertaken to ensure it is in perfect working order.

Otherwise in the event of an accident, the company could find itself liable for supplying a defective piece of equipment to its employees and fall down in meeting its duty of care obligations to its employees.

Seek expert help for fleet logistics

CLM is an expert at reallocating vehicles on its clients’ behalf when they become available because of staff leaving, redundancy or through a company reorganisation. And through its Wharley End centre, it ensures that surplus vehicles do not suffer early termination or end of contract costs needlessly.

Full inspection facilities include the use of digital cameras so that images from vehicles that require rectification work can be sent via e-mail to clients for authorisation, while safety checks can be carried out on all vehicles, with particular attention paid to the condition of tyres and glass.

Full-time technicians and logistical support staff ensure that the full spectrum of work can be provided, from basic checks at one end of the scale up to refurbishing vehicles at the other.

Wherever possible, smart repair techniques are used on vehicles that require remedial work. Smart repair techniques can not only ensure that vehicles are reallocated in the best possible condition, they can also be used to reduce the amount of time vehicles spend off the road.

Clients have the ability to actively monitor the work and progress of their vehicles online through a reallocation module which offers several different levels of functionality.

This shows which vehicles are due in, any work-in-progress, when the work is completed and when the vehicle is ready to go out and be allocated to another driver.

The CLM reallocation operation ensures that vehicles are recycled to staff as quickly and efficiently as possible, as well as ensuring that all vehicles are safe, sound and reliable.

Using CLM’s logistics expertise, reallocated vehicles can be delivered to locations right around the country, so that the need to incur extra charges for short term hire is kept to an absolute minimum.

If you would like to discuss how CLM can help you with the logistics planning of your fleet, then please get in touch.