CLM Fleet Administration

fleet administration

We’re form-filling, list-loving fleet admin aces

We’ll look after your fleet administration so you don’t have to

Road Fund Licence renewals, parking fines, speeding tickets, MOT reminders, licence checking, issuing and renewing fuel cards and P11D reporting. Not just ‘nice-to-dos’ but ‘must-dos’. Admin jobs that are part and parcel of running a fleet and which simply can’t be avoided – jobs that someone’s got to do.

For most businesses, these fiddly, time-consuming fleet admin jobs mean that someone is distracted from their main job, the job they are paid to do.

For us though, fleet administration is what we do. It’s not just part of our job, it is our job.

Every single day we manage the routine, time-consuming paperwork, telephone calls and database checks necessary to keep fleets moving smoothly and cost-effectively.

Tick another job off your fleet admin list and let us do it for you.

Reasons to use CLM Fleet Administration

We can look after vehicles managed and funded through our Smartpanel, vehicles owned by you, your grey fleet or vehicles on legacy contracts – plus all the fleet administration processes that come along with it.

Convenient, full-service fleet administration support

Road Fund Licence renewals, speeding penalty notifications (we’ll forward driver details to the authorities), parking fine notifications (we’ll forward it to your driver), MOT reminders, foreign travel documentation, Motor Insurance Database updates, licence checking, mileage capture, manufacturer recalls, fuel cards and even the transfer of cherished private plates. If it’s paperwork related to your fleet, we’ll help sort it.

Mitigate duty of care risk

We’ll help mitigate duty of care concerns by checking licence, insurance and other legislative details for you. MOT reminders are an essential part of our fleet administration service to ensure vehicles are safe and roadworthy.

Monitor mileage

We’ll keep on top of fleet vehicle maintenance and stay a step ahead of contract negotiations where funded vehicles are likely to exceed contracted mileage.

Boost your office productivity

Outsourcing your fleet administration to CLM means reclaiming precious man-hours. Time that should be spent doing the jobs on the proper to-do list, not worrying about licences, MOT renewals and chasing driver parking fine payments.


Think clear desk. Think smarter.

Contact us today to chat about how we can look after your fleet administration and take control of your paperwork mountain.