CLM Acquisition & Vehicle Disposal

fleet acquisition and disposal services

We’re tried and trusted sale and purchase pros

We make fleet ownership easy

If fleet leasing isn’t for you, and you prefer to own your company vehicles outright, you can leave it to us to manage every aspect of both purchase and sale.

After all, we’ve got years of experience in vehicle acquisition and disposal, and enviable relationships with manufacturers, dealers and suppliers, so we’re confident we’ll always deliver the very best service.

We’ll use our reliable dealer network to find the right vehicle, negotiate on your behalf to agree the best price, and when you’re ready, we’ll place the order. We’ll manage all the paperwork and we’ll even help source loan finance if cash purchase isn’t an option.

Then, when the vehicle has served its purpose and needs to be sold, we can manage the sale process too. Ahead of any vehicle disposal, our refurbishment service will get the vehicle in shape, and as we’re not limited to wholesale auction houses, we can also sell via private sale, our live online auction platform or to vehicle retailers, ensuring we’ll always get the best price possible. Every time.

Reasons to use CLM Vehicle Acquisition & Disposal

Fleet acquisition and disposal is our bread and butter. Buying, selling, negotiating, finding great deals and agreeing the best prices is what we do.

We drive a good deal

You can rely on us to drive down the cost of fleet purchase. That’s because we’ve worked hard to establish great dealer and manufacturer terms and we’ll always negotiate the best price for you.

We’re proactive

Our suppliers never become complacent, prices stay keen and we’ll always be able to find the vehicle you want. That’s because we put our vehicle supplier lists out to tender every year and always make sure we have at least three dealers per manufacturer. It’s a proactive approach to fleet vehicle acquisition that works.

Keep your supplier preferences

We know the value of tried and tested relationships. After all, it’s one of the main reasons our customers come back to us year after year. It’s also why we’re happy to work with your preferred suppliers if you want to maintain established relationships and negotiated terms.

After-sales support

We’ll make sure you’re looked after with great after-sales dealer and manufacturer support. We’ll give you peace of mind that any warranty and vehicle recall issues will be dealt with promptly and, that if you need help, it will be there.

Maximise return on investment

When the time comes to dispose of your fleet vehicles, we’re on hand. Looking to sell? We’ll make sure we get the best price for you. Our refurbishment service will get your vehicles in the very best resale shape before our team of experts uses the best sale option for maximum return. Auction, private sale, online auction or car dealer sales, every vehicle is assessed on a case by case basis. It’s a system we know works – regular bench-marking ensures sale prices are consistently higher than those achieved via typical auction routes.

Manage sale to drivers

If it suits your business, we’ll help you sell fleet vehicles back to your drivers, complete with a three-year warranty, 70-point safety check and finance, if required. It’s a win-win situation for you and your drivers.

We keep standards and prices in check

Great service and first-class support across all manufacturers is a given thanks to our proactive approach to our dealer lists.

Choose your level of control

Let us take control of your entire fleet for total peace of mind (we’ll monitor vehicle age and replacement dates so you don’t have to) or ask us to deal with vehicles on a case by case basis. You choose. It’s all part and parcel of our vehicle acquisition and disposal service.

Think ownership. Think smarter.

Contact us today to chat about fleet ownership, whether it’s vehicle acquisition or disposal of vehicles, and find out how we can make it easy and hassle-free.