August 23, 2023

Effective Vehicle Remarketing to Maximise Returns

What is Vehicle Remarketing?

Vehicle Remarketing plays an important role in the UK automotive industry. It’s the process of preparing used cars, vans, and commercial vehicles for resale to new customers. It involves inspection to BVRLA guidelines, smart repairs, storage and logistics, through to the final sale.

With many fleets opting to outright purchase, effective vehicle remarketing means that businesses can get the maximum returns on fleet vehicles and buyers can be confident that an older vehicle is in working order.

Current state of the used vehicle market

Fleets are currently experiencing lengthy lead times on new vehicles due to semiconductor chip shortages and supply chain issues. As a result, vehicles are being kept on fleet for longer. On the other hand, this means that used vehicles are becoming more appealing to buyers.

The growing demand for used vehicles means that stock is diminishing quickly and prices are inflated. This has affected used-car sales, which dropped 8.5% from 2021 to 2022.

One major challenge businesses are facing by keeping older vehicles on fleet is the increasing SMR spend. As many contract hire companies are not extending fixed price maintenance packages beyond the initial contract term, fleets are left unsupported with maintenance costs on aging vehicles.

However, with regular inspections from a reliable fleet management partner, you can stay in control of increasing SMR costs and get the most out of used vehicles. This is why PAYG maintenance is ideal, as it brings vehicles into a care regime that supports the driver experience with a simple booking process and minimises vehicle off road time. It also brings cost control to your fleet and a high level of competency delivered through our fleet control team.

Maximise returns on fleet sales

There is good news for fleets ready to replace aging vehicles. Whilst we are hopeful that new vehicle supply improves, we have a growing number of connections ready to purchase pre-owned vehicles at great prices.

Businesses now have an opportunity to make substantial returns when they are ready to replace their fleet.

Benefits of outsourcing vehicle disposal

When fleets choose to trust CLM with vehicle disposal services, we use a variety of successful and innovative practices to ensure vehicles are sold for the best price. By outsourcing vehicle disposal to the experts, you can benefit from:

  • Thorough inspections to BVRLA guidelines
  • Innovative techniques to ensure vehicles are sold in the best condition, at low refurbishment costs.
  • On-site, secure and undercover storage across 3 conveniently located sites.
  • Faster sales with access to extensive networks of car buyers.

CLM provide a one-stop-shop to all your vehicle disposal and remarketing needs.

Vehicle Movement

CLM’s Award-winning Vehicle Remarketing Services

We help fleet managers sell vehicles quickly, for the best price. We have perfected the art of preparing vehicles for sale with inspections, smart repairs, valeting, storage, and logistics. We’ve got an extensive network of buyers, so you can be confident that we will help sell your vehicles quickly and efficiently.

Growing our vehicle remarketing operation is one of our key priorities for 2023/2024. As part of this, we recently expanded our capacity by investing in a 16,500 sq. ft logistics facility at our head office in Newport Pagnell. This means that we can support fleets with on-site storage of over 800 vehicles. This expansion has given us the opportunity to add new, innovative remarketing methods to our offering.

Not to mention, we’ve recently been recognised for our Innovation in Remarketing by Fleetworld and featured in their Best in Fleet Guide.

Contact us today to learn how we can help get the best returns on your ex-fleet vehicles.