August 18, 2022

dormakaba replaces existing van fleet with CLM

Global security solutions company dormakaba replace their existing van fleet of 164 to 181 vans nationwide with CLM Van Procurement.

CLM Fleet Management provides dormakaba with; new car or van ordering, maintenance management, incident management, fleet administration, licence checking, hire provision, storage, disposal and end of contract services.

We began working with CLM 4 years ago to replace our ageing fleet, which was the first time we’d engaged a fleet management company. CLM’s cooperation and effective troubleshooting led to a successful rollout programme, positively impacting the service business and engineering team. The new fleet of vans with consistent livery, has further boosted morale, representing the business with a level of professionalism staff feel pride in and that resonates with customers.” Said Angelo Dalporto, Deputy Vice President Supply Chain at DormaKaba.

In addition to the procurement of 181 dormakaba vans, CLM Fleet Management have also launched a revamped car choice list to include a selection of electric vehicles, and car ordering portal for 98 cars within dormakaba’s fleet.

The future of EV at dormakaba is strong! CLM have helped us understand EV’s potential impact on a 3-5 years’ horizon, and we’re interrogating when would be the prime time to migrate our van fleet to fully electric. At the same time as improving the ICE vehicle choices for company car users, we’ve seen rapid uptake in EVs, unsurprising given their attractive benefit tax. This means we’re delivering tangible progress on all 3 pillars of our sustainability strategy: people, planet and partnerships.” Said Angelo Dalporto, Deputy Vice President Supply Chain at dormakaba

The company car fleet implemented by CLM Fleet Management has led dormakaba to consider their future of EV, this has resulted in a reduction of their average C02 to 71g/km.

Angelo Dalporto, Deputy Vice President Supply Chain at dormakaba said “Our company car population can now choose from a wide range of vehicle types and brands, while we maximise our savings potential through CLM’s panel funding model. A genuine win-win for our business operations and our people.

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