May 22, 2015

What to do when a standard vehicle isn’t enough?

Daily rental can be cost-effective solution to disabled mobility needs

The other day we heard from an insurance company that was resorting to hiring taxis as replacement vehicle cover for clients with disabled vehicles that were off the road for servicing or repair.

It struck us then what an expensive, cost-inefficient way this was of providing alternative transport and how much more suitable vehicle rental could be in providing replacement vehicles in times of need.

Many organisations, including local authorities, hospitals, care centres and community transport groups, have disabled vehicle mobility requirements throughout the UK.

But often these organisations rely on disabled taxis to meet their most immediate mobility needs when a specially adapted, short-term hire vehicle can be a far more flexible and cost-effective solution.

For organisations that need vehicles at short notice for disabled employees, patients, the aged or the infirm, or simply to provide cover when their own vehicles are off the road, there isn’t a huge amount of choice available in the market.

Most of the more mainstream, well-known vehicle rental companies simply don’t offer this kind of specialist mobility service.

But at CLM, we provide a range of specially adapted and converted vehicles that suit a wide variety of disabled mobility needs and which are readily available within 48 hours’ notice, anywhere in the country.

Wide range of rental periods

Our specially adapted vehicles can be hired over a number of different time periods to suit customers’ exact requirements.

These range from traditional spot rental of just one day, up to more long-term flexible rental of one to three months, and even for as long as 12 months, where circumstances require.

For those customers requiring wheelchair accessible cars, vans and MPVs, we offer a range of specially converted models from a number of different manufacturers. All are tested to the highest safety standards, meet fully duty of care requirements and feature a range of wheelchair accessible features.

Wherever possible, these vehicles are offered with a variety of seating layouts to suit the needs of wheelchair users and able-bodied companions.

We also have a range of wheelchair accessible minibuses from a number of different vehicle manufacturers, with accessibility features such as lightweight ramps, lowered floors, wheelchair restraint systems, and seat belts for wheelchair and seated passengers.

For those drivers that require a specially converted vehicle for their own driving needs, we can also provide a range of specially adapted vehicles fitted with a range of disabled driving aids.

These adaptations include push-pull handbrake extensions, steering spinners and easy-release handbrakes.

Easy to use online booking system

Not only can we provide a range of specially converted vehicles to meet a vast range of mobility needs, but we make booking the vehicles and managing the bookings as easy as possible.

Incorporating a free-to-use, award-winning and fully secure online rental management system, our clients can book, extend and cancel vehicle rentals online, monitor existing rentals and access a comprehensive suite of management information reporting and invoicing.

Daily rental bookings can often be a nightmare due to the amount of administration involved, with invoices from different suppliers and administration charges on top, so that it’s easy to lose track of things.

But our rental booking system simply doesn’t let that happen. All invoices can be e-mailed directly to your PC or saved on the system, while management reports can be generated anytime you need them, at the click of a mouse, so you always have a clear picture.

These can highlight key information such as total rental spend, length of rentals, fuel usage and any recharges for vehicle damage. Consolidated invoices for all rentals are instantly available online, while disputed invoices can be easily resolved at the click of a button.

All of this functionality saves you valuable time, creates efficiency and adds real value to your decision to opt for rental.

Our free rental booking system delivers the following benefit to our clients:

  • All invoicing online
  • Management information reporting at the press of a button
  • Access to an extensive range of specially adapted and converted vehicles
  • The ability to accept or decline rental invoices, with an immediate online response when you decline
  • A totally paper-free and admin-efficient solution

The system also allows vehicles to be sourced by location and by price to ensure they meet our clients’ specific needs anywhere in the UK, and all are available within 48 hours’ notice.

If you would like more information about our range of specially converted and adapted rental vehicles, please contact our corporate vehicle rental team.