May 30, 2019

CLM Takes Safety Seriously at Silverstone

Client Safety Event

Recently, CLM hosted a driver safety focused event and invited clients along to listen to presentations and to enjoy some hands-on training.

The event, held at the Porsche Experience Centre, overlooking the Hanger Straight at the prestigious Silverstone racing circuit, saw attendees split into groups to hear about the latest driver monitoring technology and then to test their own skills.

Supported by CLM’s business partners, delegates got to experience on the road training with instructors from TTC and then test their skills in driving simulators from XPI. Technology, provided by Trackm8, was fitted to the test vehicles so that as well as hearing about general monitoring advancements, drivers could hear about their own performances behind the wheel.

Said Andy Short, CLM’s commercial director, “It’s a fact that cars are getting safer and safer but they are still being driven by people and that presents employers with some health and safety challenges. It’s not uncommon to find that individuals driving their vehicles on company business have never had their driving skills evaluated by their employers. Whilst employees are trained to use their computers, follow company processes and deliver customer service, they might well be given the keys to a £30,000 car without having any driver training at all.

“Unless you get caught speeding, or train for other types of vehicle licence, there’s a good chance that you won’t have had any training since you passed your driving test, and that can’t be a good thing.”

“We wanted to bring together our clients to focus on how they can better appreciate if their drivers need training and then how to select what kind of training is best suited to meeting the needs identified.”

Attendees at the event heard from Trackm8 about how vehicle and driver monitoring tools can be a valuable way to gather data that can then be used to understand what issues face particular drivers, from driving too fast, to braking too harshly, or having accidents. The insight gained can help determine what kind of training would help.

On the road, instructor lead training is the most effective learning environment but it is also the most expensive to arrange and takes up the most working time. Simulators can be a useful and cost-effective alternative that expose users to realistic scenarios and monitor how they react.

At the event, delegates were given a chance to test two different styles of XPI Simulator, one with a more traditional screen-based design and the other with a virtual reality headset.

Said Andy “Digital simulator technology is widely used by the motorsport industry to hone driver skills and what better place to share it with our clients than at a motor racing circuit? The graphics are realistic enough to get drivers to think and that is the whole point of the exercise because when drivers think about what they are doing, they are more likely to do it well. For most, the experience in a simulator is fun and it is a lot less pressured than a real road test.”

If you’d like to know more about driver training or would be interested in attending future events, contact your CLM relationship manager, or call on 01908 210100.

CLM was supported by key business partners Trackm8, TTC, XPI Simulation, Michelin and Seat in delivering this event.