September 24, 2018

CLM Reappointed by AGA Rangemaster

Fleet Management Excellence Lures Top Kitchen Manufacturer Back

CLM had previously managed AGA’s fleet for over a decade

After two years elsewhere, AGA Rangemaster has now re-appointed CLM as its fleet management provider. The UK manufacturer of cast iron range cookers, kitchen appliances and sinks, based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire operates a fleet of mainly job need cars for its sales force as well as some management cars.

The majority diesel fleet, comprised of vehicles from Skoda, Kia, Volvo and Audi, is funded through contract hire.

Under the renewed relationship, we will be looking to bring down acquisition costs by employing competitive tendering through our Smartpanel fleet funding system using a mix of four different leasing companies, as well as re-negotiating manufacturer discounts.

At the same time, we will move the AGA Rangemaster fleet to Pay-As-You Go vehicle maintenance with the intention of reducing service and maintenance costs by around 20%, and will carry out the management of all invoices from third party suppliers.

AGA Rangemaster fleet manager, Diane George, said: “We had a good working relationship with CLM previously and know that they can take the time-consuming aspects away from the management of our fleet, as well as providing clear reporting to easily digest the areas of interest.

“Their people are professional and friendly, and we are looking forward to them creating cost savings and negotiating the most competitive prices for us, as well as generally taking the hassle out of the running and management of our fleet.”

CLM Commercial Director, Andy Short, commented: “On behalf of all at CLM, we are delighted to welcome AGA Rangemaster back.

“We will be bringing in a number of fleet efficiencies to run their fleet more effectively and to lower their overall fleet running costs, which will include reviews of powertrains, acquisition costs and service and maintenance expenditure,” he said.