October 21, 2022

CLM partner with employee benefit system, Circular Benefits.

CLM Fleet Management partner with Circular Benefits, an employee benefit system, to bring market leading electric vehicles to employees…

Circular Benefits is a platform whereby workforces can provide value to their employees, through offering significant ongoing value that’s relevant to their ever- changing lifestyle needs, regardless of how much they earn and what they need. It is built to be accessible by everyone, large or small, and is free to use regardless of the size of employee base.

Employees really can benefit from the best brands on Circular Benefits from; Halfords, Curry’s, Music Magpie and now CLM…

Through providing registered employees with CLM’s Lifestyle Car Choice, they can choose an attractive, carbon saving, salary sacrifice car scheme.

Lifestyle Car Choice boosts employee well-being with an attractive staff benefit and encourages more drivers out of their higher polluting grey fleet cars with our faster, more cost-effective route to sustainability.

Our scheme is flexible and personal, designed to suit your business needs.

Experience tells us our Go EV Salary Sacrifice scheme, is the route to optimising costs, cutting your carbon footprint and helping you to create a team of safe, happy drivers.

For more information on Circular Benefits, please click here: www.circularbenefits.com

For more information on Lifestyle Car Choice, please click here: https://lifestylecarchoice.co.uk/