December 9, 2021

CLM Fleet team has a few wheely good updates!

CLM Fleet Management have been working hard towards the road to recovery since reopening from Covid-19, and due to the positive updates and business growth within the Fleet team, we couldn’t help but share them with you…

  1. We are no longer called Fleet Admin

The Fleet Admin team at CLM are restructuring and renaming to Fleet Operations, as part of our growth strategy.

Fleet Operations provide back-office services relating to V5 management; parking accounts; travel documents etc, alongside front-office services such as fines management and taxing.

To contact our Fleet Operations team via email, you can now reach them on:

  1. Our team has got bigger

A huge welcome to our Fleet Operations Manager, Natalie who will be overseeing and managing the fleet operation department.

Within the team of six, we can effectively manage all operations from; Administration and comprehensive fleet support services, collect and verify mileage data, administer fuel cards and provide documentation should a company vehicle need to go abroad.

By having more resources we’re confident that our ticket requests can be dealt with more efficiently and ensure that our SLA’s are being met.

  1. New, improved technology

As a result of having more resources, CLM’s in-house IT department have implemented a new system across the entire company. This system is a cloud-based solution and will enable fleet operations to better manage their workload by assigning tickets to the correct team member. Tickets can then be prioritised by preferred order and closed when dealt with.

Our new and improved technology will improve our workplace productivity and simplify time-consuming tasks for better customer experience.


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