August 24, 2020

Client Case Study: Center Parcs

CLM Works with Center Parcs to Create Eco-friendly Safety Measures Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak has made many businesses reconsider their health and safety protocols, in light of a high contagion rate and ever-changing rules and regulations. Arguably nowhere has been as affected as the hospitality sector, where companies have had to adapt quickly to begin welcoming back visitors.

Hospitality giant Center Parcs is rising to this challenge with enthusiasm, ensuring that visitors will be able to safely stay at their cosy lodges and enjoy the great outdoors on a family break.

One of the most significant changes to their business is in the area of dining and food. Enjoying a great meal is a time-honoured pastime of any great trip away and has always been a popular part of a stay at Center Parcs. To help ensure added safety and social distancing, Center Parcs is significantly scaling up food delivery service to lodges.

To help make this ambitious new plan a reality, Center Parcs called on its long-term partner CLM, experts in fleet management. The company has sourced sixty electric mopeds for the important task, ensuring they support an eco-friendly way to travel while also safeguarding guests.

As a business, Center Parcs has been working determinedly towards a target of zero emissions, and the mopeds help build on this goal while still adapting to current circumstances.

Understanding the importance of branding, each moped is wrapped in Center Parcs colouring and logos, so they’ll be easy to spot for guests awaiting their delicious meal.

custom fleet support

CLM was able to support Center Parcs throughout the process, from specifying and sourcing the mopeds, through to organising driver training.

Andy Short, commercial director at CLM commented, “We have had a close relationship with Center Parcs, managing its fleet since 2007 and have always worked closely together on developing and refining the fleet policy.

“The business has always had a range of different vehicle types to keep the operation running smoothly and help serve its guests, from minibuses, vans, pick-ups to emergency medical vehicles.

“With Center Parcs’ target to achieve zero emissions from its fleet, we were delighted to be able to source the 60 electric mopeds needed. A great example of how the team at CLM is adaptable and works to find a bespoke solution.”

These are difficult times for all customer-facing businesses, but this partnership shows that with ingenuity and drive, great solutions can be found.

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