CLM’s working hours are from 8.15 – 18.00 Monday to Friday. Our rental partners usually operate between 08.00 – 18.00 Monday to Friday and 09.00 – 12.00 on Saturdays. Vehicles ordered for early morning starts are normally delivered the previous day. Some rental partners operate a twilight shift therefore may deliver a vehicle during the evenings. Some rental suppliers may also deliver vehicles on Saturday afternoons and Sunday as they may be required for an early start on Monday.
Providing the hire is booked within the opening hours, CLM is able to provide a hire to commence outside of these times. The vehicle will generally be pre-delivered. Please be aware that when off-hiring the keys must always be made available in a safe and secure place not left in or on the vehicle.
Please email any hire related queries to or call 01908 210100 and ask to speak to the Rental Desk.
Rental vehicles should be returned with the same level of fuel that they were delivered with, or there may be a refuelling charge.
Yes, if the booking is made and covered by your insurance and the driver is covered provided your employer agrees.
It is possible to request this when booking, although please be aware this cannot be guaranteed, although we will make the request to the supplier, please note additional charges may apply.
Our rental partners have vast fleets of vehicles, you will receive a vehicle from the category you have requested but specifics cannot be guaranteed (this includes fuel type).
From time to time the mileage needs to be checked and recorded, also if you have booked your vehicle and not given an off hire date, then you will be called from time to time to clarify how long you expect to stay in the vehicle. This can assist you in reducing your hire costs, as there may be more competitive longer term rates that may apply. We may also call if your hire vehicle requires any maintenance.
You will receive the following confirmation:
• Acknowledgement email with booking reservation number.
• A further email confirming the supplier and reservation number prior to the hire commencement.
The standard allowance is 2,000 miles per 28 days pro rata. Please email or call 01908 210100 to confirm your allowance.
It is the driver’s responsibility to thoroughly check the vehicle upon collection and delivery and to report and note any damage on the vehicle. If the vehicle is signed for and no damage is noted at the commencement of the rental, then any subsequent damage during the period of the rental and up to the point the vehicle is collected will be charged for.
If you have a dispute regarding any element of the charge, please contact either your help desk or email or call 01908 210100
No, the driver is not responsible, however it is vital that another check of the vehicle is carried out to ensure no damage has occurred during this time. If damage is found then contact CLM and a note will be made on the booking to ensure this is not incorrectly charged to your account. Please also be aware that the vehicle’s insurance cover will only commence from the start date and time of the hire.
The driver is responsible for the first 48 hours after the rental has off hired, thereafter it is the responsibility of the rental supplier. Please ensure you inform CLM if the vehicle is left in a restricted parking area.
It is always worth contacting CLM to ensure that the off hire has been completed correctly, but you should not be concerned as you will not be charged.
Yes, you are responsible for the vehicle up to 48 hours after it has been off hired, therefore a valid ticket covering this period must be displayed.
Yes, you should refuel your rental vehicle and keep the receipt. If you return your vehicle with less fuel than it was delivered with, there will be a refuelling charge levied which is higher than the pump price due to the time and administration involved by the rental company.
At the time of the booking, the option is given to advise CLM of:
• Automatic Pick Up “APU” – driver completes off hire details or
• To Be Advised “TBA”, in this instance the rental team will call the driver or booker periodically to progress the rental.

If you have vehicles on hire during a bank holiday period, any amendments, extensions or terminations need to be passed to our Reservations Team before 10.00 on the Friday before the long weekend. You can make contact via email or you can speak to one of our reservation agents on the standard reservations number – 01908 210500.

If you are terminating/off hiring before the Bank Holiday this must be received by 10:00 am on the Friday, and be available for collection by 15:00 on the same day.

Any rentals without the relevant instruction at this point will remain on rent until 08.15 on the following Tuesday.

If you have any questions, please contact your Client Relationship Manager. 


Call CLM and ask to be passed through to the fleet control desk who will then advise if you need to book the service direct or whether they can book the service on your behalf.
Call CLM and ask to be passed through to the fleet control desk who will then advise if you need to book the work directly or whether they can book the service on your behalf. With respect to costs, generally these are paid on account by supplier. If work carried out falls outside of fair wear and tear or is deemed as driver fault then these costs will be recharged.
In the first instance please refer to the 24 hour breakdown company, details of which generally can be found on the back on the tax disc or on the key fob. Alternatively you can call our Fleet Control department on 01908 210100.
Contact CLM or our rental partner; a charge will apply for lost keys.
DO NOT START THE ENGINE OR DRIVE THE VEHICLE, as this could cause irreparable damage and the cost of a new engine could apply. Call the recovery services (AA/RAC – details of which generally can be found on the back on the tax disc or on the key fob.) immediately. Charges for full rectification will apply.
Contact either the rental supplier (details will be in the vehicle) or CLM. The vehicle with either be replaced or a new tyre fitted, however the driver will be charged for the replacement.


If the rental falls within the congestion charge area and the vehicle is delivered, the rental company may have paid the charge for that day, although it is not guaranteed. Therefore it is the driver’s responsibility to log on to the Tfl website and check the congestion charge payment has been made. Tfl will not allow you to pay twice, so it is vital you check, as it is the driver’s responsibility to pay the charge for the duration of the hire.
If the driver does not settle the fine immediately and it is escalated to the DVLA then CLM will pay the fine and recharge the driver along with an administration fee.
CLM will pass on the names and details of the primary driver of the vehicle to the police along with an admin fee and then it’s the driver’s responsibility to pay or dispute accordingly.