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10 facts about CLM’s rental service

Meeting short-term hire requirements is a key element of CLM’s fleet management proposition; this is evident from the fact that the vast majority of our fleet customers hire their rental vehicles through us.

You might not know that we also work with a significant number of clients that use us exclusively for fulfilling their daily rental needs.

Here are ten reasons why organising your rental vehicles through CLM could pay dividends:

1Using some useful technology, we work with a panel of major daily rental companies


2But you/your drivers only have to work with our online system, giving you 24/7 access


3Our coverage is national – over 1,500 rental locations


4The price you pay is always keen thanks to our spending power; your rates will reflect our leverage with our panel


5The pool of vehicles you have access to is huge – circa 200,000 vehicles at the last count


6Specialist vehicles available including light and heavy commercial vehicles, 4x4s, vehicles with refrigeration units, disability adapted vehicles etc.

7Consolidated invoicing


8Regular special offers are available – click here for the current offers


9We only offer corporate vehicle rental – our team will not be distracted by demands from the general public or the insurance industry
10For fleet managed customers, daily rental requirements/reporting is dovetailed into the overall management of the fleet.
In addition to daily rental, our corporate vehicle rentals team also manages our mini-lease service and has a dedicated fleet of vehicles available for hire periods of one month to one year. If you need the flexibility of short term hire without the costs of contract hire, interim staff, secondments, project workers then a mini lease could be a perfect solution for you.

We can prove to you that using CLM for your daily rental/mini lease needs, instead of dealing directly with a daily rental company, will save you time and money so if your organisation invests in daily rental, you should talk to us.

In fact why not ask for a tariff and get an account set up right now.

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