Perseverance? Or time to call in the specialists?

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Outsourcing essentials – how to succeed

There is a well-known expression that states “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”.

Whilst perseverance is a laudable quality, sometimes one has to accept that another person or organisation already has the skill set to achieve the outcome you desire.

Getting better at something takes time, requires commitment, might be expensive and could result in some significant failures along the way.

Gaining access to established skill-sets via outsourcing offers better value for money than investing in developing capability, capacity, processes and systems internally. It’s quicker and safer too.

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In the UK, the service sector is the country’s primary source of GDP and the service industry has grown by companies providing essential services for other companies/individuals to take advantage of.

A motoring illustration; people typically get their cars serviced by garages/mechanics because they don’t have the tools, experience, knowledge, capability or even the desire to service a vehicle themselves. Even when individuals could carry out vehicle services, often they don’t because the value of a dealer stamp in a service book can be significant when it comes to claiming against a warranty or selling a car/van.

In a wider business context, organisations commonly outsource areas where they may have some weaknesses to third parties that are qualified to help.  This could be:

  • IT functions
  • HR support
  • Finance and accounting
  • Field sales

At CLM, many of our clients outsource the day to day management of their fleets to us. Doing so allows us to play to our strengths whilst enabling our clients to play to theirs.

Strengths/weaknesses aside; there are many other facets of outsourcing decision making to be considered.

If you are interested in knowing more, or are actually contemplating outsourcing a process, read our free eGuide – The Essentials of Outsourcing.

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