Huge irony in diesel scrappage proposals

Diesel has been fleet fuel of choice for many years The huge irony behind newspaper reports that the Government is said to be considering plans for a diesel car scrappage scheme will not be lost on the majority of company car drivers. The Department of Transport and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), was reported in the national press to be considering a scrappage scheme as part of a plan to lower emissions and improve air quality. Various Government departments were said to be weighing up the pros and cons of a scheme to offer incentives for low emission cars if people traded in their older, more polluting vehicles, Talks were also said have taken place with [...]

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Vehicle Security – What to Do

How you can improve your vehicle security Car crime falls but you should still remain vigilant! Car crime has fallen significantly in recent years as vehicle security technology has improved, although car thieves are still coming up with ingenious ways of parting us from our motors. Statistics show that you are much less likely to be the victim than ever before. But as around 100,000 vehicles are still stolen every year and three times that many cases of thefts from vehicles are reported, being vigilant and sensible with regards to your vehicle’s security is still advisable. Though electronic security systems, provided as standard by motor manufacturers, have helped combat car crime, it still remains a subject that you should be [...]

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Modern cars have come a surprisingly long way!

Latest smart models are unrecognisable compared to 20 years ago If you are running a ten year old car, you might get a surprise when you climb into the driving seat of something that is more up to date. And the latest state-of-the-art features and driver aids available will surprise those who cut their driving teeth on models that required the occasional push starts, were temperamental on hills or broke down regularly. In fact, the latest models have come so far in terms of the advances they have made and the benefits they bring, that they make generational comparisons rather challenging. Now, modern cars are very smart and take a lot of the effort out of actually driving them. A [...]

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Government proposes MOTs every four years

Safety gains should cut costs for fleet and general motorists The time allowed for new cars before requiring an MOT could rise from three to four years, under new government proposals, a move that it is estimated could save up to 2.2 million drivers around £100m a year. The proposals also mean that those who lease their new car are unlikely to ever have to pay for an MOT certificate during their contract, unless the term exceeds a four-year period. Currently undergoing public consultation, the move would bring the UK in line with Northern Ireland and a number of European countries and could change as early as next year. Why is the Government considering this? The Department for Transport said [...]

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New VED system takes effect from next April

New Vehicle Excise Duty System Large rises for new cars in first year of registration A new system of Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) comes into force from next April, with large increases in tax in the first year of registration for all new cars followed by a flat rate for all subsequent years, which creates winners and losers. The new system was first announced in July last year when then-Chancellor George Osborne delivered the first Conservative Budget in 18 years. VED currently raises around £6bn for the Exchequer, but Mr Osborne said the new system would be used to fund a long-term solution “to fix Britain’s poor roads”. As car buyers opt for the latest technologies that deliver increasingly lower [...]

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Tackling driver fatigue prevents road deaths

Manufacturers assist drivers to battle drowsiness Driver fatigue is a serious problem resulting in many thousands of road accidents each year. According to RoSPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, it is not possible to accurately calculate the exact number of sleep related accidents, but research shows that driver fatigue may be a contributory factor in up to 20% of road accidents, and up to 25% of fatal and serious accidents. Studies also indicate that 20% of accidents on motorways in the UK are caused by sleepiness, while more than 300 people a year are killed, and many more seriously injured, as a result of drivers falling asleep at the wheel. What causes fatigue related crashes? Thousands of [...]

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Fleet tracking offers multiple benefits to businesses

In-vehicle telematics improves efficiency, driver behaviour and fuel monitoring For any fleet operator, but especially those running service or delivery type fleets, there are a number of benefits from employing the use of in-vehicle telematics and vehicle tracking. Among them are increased vehicle utilisation, better job allocation and routing, improved timesheet reporting, more accurate fuel monitoring, enhanced maintenance management, and improved monitoring of driver behaviours. Telematics can facilitate everything from a ‘nearest vehicle’ search using GPS fleet tracking to providing information on the current status of that car or van – and whether it’s being used inappropriately. This information can then help an organisation take decisions which keep its operations running as smoothly as possible and improve levels of customer [...]

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Huge growth in new car models requires care in setting fleet policy

Fleet policy | Shorter life cycles and frequent updates call for expert guidance A proliferation of new model derivatives from all the major motor manufacturers has made selecting the vehicle mix for the perfect fleet policy an increasingly demanding task and one that benefits from expert guidance. The numbers of new models available in the UK car and light commercial vehicle markets is currently at its highest ever level, as manufacturers look for a competitive edge in an increasingly congested arena. As a result, model life cycles have reduced while facelifts and updates have become more frequent. Also, new sectors, such as the much-publicised and very successful SUV/crossover sector, have developed in response to changes in customer tastes. How many [...]

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London Mayor brings forward clean air proposals

New plans for Ultra Low Emission Zone start 12 months earlier The recently appointed Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has unveiled new clean air proposals which start 12 months earlier than expected and which include a £10 a day ‘toxicity charge’ for the most polluting vehicles on top of the congestion charge. Accelerating London's clear air proposals When he first took office, the new Mayor proposed a set of new clean air standards to improve London’s air. However, two months on, and he has confirmed more details of his proposals and moved his agenda forward 12 months with a series of measures described as ‘the toughest emissions standards of any major city in the world.” His Clear Air Action Plan [...]

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