Mini-lease – Long Term Business Car Hire That Adapts To You

Mini-lease - Long Term Business Car Hire That Adapts To You Lease a business car for up to 12 months For businesses that want to hire their vehicles for months as opposed to days or years, Mini-lease is the ideal solution. You can hire a vehicle for six months instead of three years if that makes more sense for your business or your drivers. Best solution for long term car rental Shorter than a conventional company car lease, but longer and less expensive than daily rental, Mini-lease is a form of long term car rental available for contracts such as three, six or 12 months. A Mini-lease solution bridges the mobility gap between daily rental and longer-term contract hire [...]

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Cost Effective Vehicle Leasing

We Compare the Long and Short-term Leasing Options The cost-effectiveness of leasing a vehicle largely depends on who you lease it from, the terms of the agreement and what you compare it to. Leasing a vehicle Leasing a vehicle can have significant advantages over outright purchase, not the least of which is that large amounts of capital don’t have to be committed and can be preserved for other uses. Budgeting is easy, as the payments should remain the same throughout the term of the agreement. There are other considerations, however. Long-term leases Traditional leasing agreements usually run for a minimum of two years, most often three and sometimes four years or longer. When you have known vehicle and accounting [...]

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Christmas Holiday Period Arrangements

CLM Christmas Opening And Service Availability 2018 As the festive season beckons, we need to make you aware of the arrangements in place for supporting your fleet management requirements over the Christmas and New Year period. CLM’s opening hours are detailed below – during these dates/times, service will be delivered completely as normal. Friday 21st December 2018 – 08.15 to 18.00 Monday 24th December 2018 – 08.15 to 13.00 Tuesday 25th December 2018 – Closed Wednesday 26th December 2018 – Closed Thursday 27th December 2018 – 08.15 – 18.00 Friday 28th December 2018 – 08.15 – 18.00 Monday 31st December 2018 – 08.15 – 18.00 Tuesday 1st January 2018 – Closed CLM will re-open on Wednesday 2nd January at 08.15 During the [...]

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Short Term Vehicle Rental

Short Term Vehicle Hire Could it work for your business? Businesses of all sizes often require extra vehicles to meet a range of short term needs. Short term vehicle hire can be the perfect answer as it provides access to a wide range of brand new vehicles at competitive rates, without long-term commitments or upfront investment. Why do businesses need additional vehicles? Businesses may have short-term vehicle needs for a variety of different reasons: When new starters join the company and are not eligible to receive a company car immediately, perhaps because they are undergoing a probationary period If the company is awarded a special, short-term project which requires additional staffing and mobility levels, for example. That means more staff [...]

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The Gig Economy Explained

The Gig Economy Explored What is the ‘gig economy’? The ‘gig economy’ has become the go-to phrase for journalists and other commentators in recent years in describing the changing nature of working practices. In fact, its broad use has sparked some debate within the corridors of power about exactly what the term means and when it should be applied. When commissioning a major piece of research into the size and scope of the gig economy earlier this year, the Government fixed upon the following definition: ‘The gig economy involves the exchange of labour for money between individuals or companies via digital platforms that actively facilitate matching between providers and customers, on a short-term and payment by task basis.’ This definition [...]

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Challenging Perceptions With Mini-lease

Challenging Perceptions with Low Cost Car Leasing : Mini-lease from CLM Mini-lease: A Surprisingly Low Cost Car Lease Flexibility and commitment are old adversaries; commitment equals structure, predictability, dependability and lower cost. For instance, a low cost car lease often means tying in to an agreement for years. Flexibility, well it usually means you can change your mind regularly, don’t have to be loyal and you’ll have more experiences … but at a higher cost. Thinking about cars, some run them for years and others replace them regularly. For those that keep them (at least until a point in time) they will spend less money on their motoring than those that chop and change. When it comes to leasing, short [...]

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Struggling With The Impacts Of WLTP? Mini-lease Provides A Solution

Struggling With The Impacts Of WLTP? Mini-lease Provides A Solution To say that WLTP (the World Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) is causing the fleet industry a headache is something of an understatement. The new emissions testing standard, which come into force for all cars from September this year, is having a significant impact on vehicle manufacturers, fleet managers and drivers. Manufacturing Issues For manufacturers, the main issue is ensuring that every single model has been tested under the new standard in time for the September deadline. This not only means undertaking the new, more stringent, WLTP lab tests but also road testing every vehicle in their range, with every drivetrain combination, under the RDE (Real Driving Emissions) test element [...]

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New Website For Mini-lease

CLM Launches New Website Following Surge In Mini-lease Demand CLM has launched a new dedicated website for its Mini-lease range of products following a surge in uptake and demand from corporate customers. We have seen bookings for our flexible, short-to-medium term rental product increase by 30% year-on-year, with companies of all sizes booking rental vehicles on highly attractive 3-12 month terms. The new website at carries a range of available vehicles from small cars up to large sized vans, and a variety of different rates for Mini-leases ranging from 3-12 months in duration. CLM Director - In Life Services, Chris Mitchinson, said: “We are seeing continuous demand for our Mini-lease vehicles from companies of all sizes – from SMEs [...]

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Easter Opening Hours at CLM

Easter 2018 opening hours and service availability As Easter beckons, we need to make you aware of the arrangements in place for supporting your company and your drivers across the holiday weekend. o Friday 30th March – Closed o Saturday 31st March – Closed o Sunday 1st April – Closed o Monday 2nd April – Closed CLM will reopen on Tuesday 3rd April at 08.15. During the days that CLM’s offices are closed, services will continue to be available through our supporting agents in the same way they are currently provided outside of standard office hours. Although some repairers will shut-down, key breakdown, accident management and service booking operations run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are [...]

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