Fleet Procurement

Unpacking the Complexity of Fleet Procurement If you were asked about fleet procurement, the subject that’s likely to be in the front of your mind is the process of negotiating the best possible deal on vehicles. While that is certainly an important part of the story, the scope of fleet procurement is far wider. At the highest level, fleet procurement can be categorised into two areas of activity – development of the fleet procurement strategy and activating this strategy to get the best outcomes for the business. We’ll look at these two areas in detail. Setting the right fleet procurement strategy This is where the underlying work is done to ensure that future fleet procurement decisions are based on [...]

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Fleet Management – How To Manage A Fleet Of Vehicles

Fleet Management - How To Manage A Fleet Of Vehicles Managing a company’s fleet of vehicles is a challenging task, demanding several different skill-sets and disciplines, and requiring the ability to assess and react to a whole range of data and feedback from vehicles and drivers alike. Many companies these days prefer to outsource their fleet management function to a firm of fleet management specialists because of the increased complexity surrounding the legal and operational aspects of their fleet. The case for inhouse or external fleet management Traditionally, many companies have relied on an inhouse fleet or transport department comprising a fleet manager and several fleet administrators – depending on the scale of the job – to tackle the management [...]

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Which Fleet Services To Outsource?

Which Fleet Services Should You Outsource? Following on from our recent blog: Six Questions a Fleet Manager Needs to Ask About Outsourcing, in which we consider and answer six questions aimed at helping fleet managers decide whether to outsource, what and who to - we look in a little more detail at which fleet services to outsource. As well as outsourcing the whole fleet, there are many scenarios for partial outsourcing of selected fleet-related functions that can be successfully outsourced to a specialist provider to take some of the burden off the in-house department. These can include vehicle sourcing and purchasing; funding management; maintenance – either scheduled or pay-as-you-go; all fleet admin; legislative compliance such as P11D and P46 reporting; fuel [...]

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Questions to Ask About Fleet Outsourcing

Six Questions a Fleet Manager Needs to Ask About Outsourcing In this blog post we consider and answer six questions, aimed at helping fleet managers decide whether to outsource, what and who to. They are: 1.Which processes are you thinking of outsourcing and why? Outsourcing is the ‘contracting out’ of a business function, such as the management of the vehicle fleet, to a third party specialist without your business losing the overall control. The appointed third-party organisation takes control of the function and becomes responsible for its success. Outsourcing allows you to concentrate on your core business activities and, at the same time, save money, be more flexible and manage growth effectively. It also allows your business to gain access [...]

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Survey shows difference between franchise and independent dealer labour rates

Survey shows difference between franchise and independent dealer labour rates Garage labour rates average £67 an hour across the UK but regions vary widely The average labour rate at UK garages, combining franchise dealers, independent garages and fast-fit outlets, is £67 an hour, according to an industry survey. But there are huge variations between regions and the type of garage used. A nationwide survey of 6,000 garages across the UK found that, on average, Surrey was the most expensive place to have a car serviced, with an average hourly rate of just over £81. At the other end of the scale, Scottish county Selkirkshire had the cheapest average at £49.69. The list of the top 10 most expensive regions of [...]

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Your duty of care obligatons to company car drivers

What Are Your Duty Of Care Obligations To Company Car Drivers? Each and every company has a legal obligation and duty of care to their company car drivers, as defined by regulations covering the type and use of vehicles, special health and safety legislation and regulations covering the carriage of dangerous goods by road – to name but a few. These regulations include the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, which places a legal duty of care on all employers to ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of all their employees, and the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 Act. Under this act, companies and organisations can, for the first time, be found guilty of [...]

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Identifying the essentials of fleet management

Identifying the essentials of fleet management Fleet management is about efficiency improvement, risk management and cost reduction Fleet management is essentially the management of a company’s fleet of vehicles to improve their performance and efficiency, reduce their costs and minimise their associated risk. It is a multi-faceted discipline in so much that it covers all aspects of a vehicle’s in-life services from acquisition to disposal. Who is responsible for the management of a company fleet? Many companies employ a full or part-time fleet manager who has overall responsibility for the efficient running of the vehicle fleet, sometimes with a dedicated team of internal employees. Others prefer to outsource the management of their fleet to a professional fleet management company which [...]

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Outsourcing not just for large companies, says new study

Companies of all sizes can benefit from the use of a specialist outsourced provider Smaller businesses that have faced a challenging environment in recent years due to heavier regulation and uncertain market conditions, have sought to gain a competitive advantage by outsourcing some of their in-house functions. Traditionally seen as the preserve of bigger businesses, smaller companies, SMEs and even start-ups have shown increased interest in using a third party specialist to outsource some of their core activities, according to a report in The Times. Click here to download our free guides to outsourcing The findings are not surprising, however. There are numerous benefits for smaller companies – and, indeed, companies of all [...]

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How To Make Sure You Can Trust Your Fleet Management Provider

How To Make Sure You Can Trust Your Fleet Management Provider Outsourcing your fleet management to a specialist fleet management provider could potentially remove unnecessary stresses internally, leaving your staff with room to concentrate on the day-to-day management of your business. But leaving the ins and outs of your fleet to an external fleet management company means putting your trust in it completely, and because you’re likely to enter into a long-term professional relationship with your outsourced fleet management provider, how do you make sure that it is the right fit for your requirements? Consider the following when choosing your outsourced fleet management service providers, for an honest, professional relationship that will benefit your company. We’ve also put together a detailed [...]

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