The Future of Company Vehicles?

A Holistic Approach to Employer Provided Vehicles

Twenty years ago, the company car market was pretty straightforward; organisations chose to either purchase their vehicles outright or lease them, mainly through contract hire with hire purchase and finance lease thrown in when the circumstances demanded.

In the intervening years the market has diversified, with new (or repackaged) offerings being launched with the promise to take advantage of the accounting regime and tax legislation of the moment. At a headline level these offerings have included employee car ownership (ECO), salary sacrifice and employee personal […]

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Choosing the most appropriate funding method for your fleet

Choosing the most appropriate funding method for your fleet

A guide to help steer you through the funding maze

Company cars can be expensive to operate and, for most companies, are typically the second or third most expensive cost centre after salary and pensions. Selecting the most appropriate funding method for your fleet is therefore of paramount importance.

Various funding methods are available, each of which has its own features and benefits depending on a company’s operational objectives, and its accounting and cash flow requirements.

To help navigate through this vehicle funding maze, we have […]

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Five Benefits of Salary Sacrifice for Employers

What Are the Benefits of Salary Sacrifice for Employers?

Company Car Benefits for your Organisation

Salary sacrifice car schemes have been one of the success stories of recent times, and increasing numbers of organisations throughout the country now offer their employees the benefit of brand new cars in return for surrendering a set amount from their salary every month.

The proliferation of such schemes – in which staff can enjoy the benefits of salary sacrifice for a new car in much the same way they can for childcare vouchers, private […]

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New personal leasing service for business employees

New scheme provides access to a huge variety of deals for leased cars

Many businesses provide company vehicles for their staff to fulfil vital business functions, such as sales teams, service engineers or maintenance staff.

However, there are many other employees who need cars for occasional business use and who use their own vehicles on company business – which raises duty of care issues in its own right because privately owned cars may not be serviced and maintained as regularly as company-owned vehicles.

And there are those […]

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Competitive tendering cuts procurement costs

Substantial savings available through using a panel of suppliers

Procurement executives charged with finding the most cost effective buying solutions for their companies can ensure significant savings through the use of competitive tendering to source their company vehicles.

Competitive tendering can help find the most cost efficient leasing rates for new company cars, and drive down fleet funding costs, by using a panel of lessors, rather than a single leasing company, and then selecting only the most cost-effective rates available.

Why is competitive tendering necessary?

Leasing rates for every new car in the market […]

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CLM expands services with sale and leaseback offering

Sale and leaseback now available

Fleet management specialists, CLM, has expanded the range of services it offers to fleet operators by introducing a sale and leaseback offering in conjunction with group company, Maxxia.

The new solution is ideal for those companies which own their vehicle fleets outright and want to release cash within the business to re-invest in essential, core activities or to fuel expansion.

Already one major fleet client has signed a sale and leaseback with CLM, freeing up a significant six-figure sum to generate cash to […]

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